We offer quality ANYTIME birding tours and bird/wildlife photo tours for any dates you wish to travel. Our ANYTIME tours are basically private tours offered at a price similar to many comparable group tours to the same destinations. We also offer SCHEDULED birding tours, bird/wildlife photo tours, and bird photography workshops for pre-arranged departure dates. All tours are led by an expert birding guide who is highly knowledgeable about birds and other animals in the destination country. Photo workshops are conducted by a highly qualified expert photographer, Laura L Fellows, whose images adorn our website.

African Jacana - © Laura L Fellows and Exotic Birding Tours


Our ANYTIME tours are designed with you in mind. You choose the dates you wish to travel, we make the arrangements, you enjoy the tour. You can select any of our pre-planned itineraries for the destination country of your choice. If you'd like to customize our published itinerary to suit your preferences, we can usually accommodate that as well. When you contact us with specific dates in mind for one of our tours, we'll check availability of the guide and accommodations. Once availability is verified, you can confirm your reservation with a deposit. This deposit will be non-refundable if you request guaranteed departure or choose not to list the tour on our website as a SCHEDULED tour. If you choose to list the tour as a SCHEDULED tour for your dates and additional people sign up, your tour price will become the usually lower group price instead of our ANYTIME price. If no one else signs up and you did not request guaranteed departure, you retain the option to do the tour at the ANYTIME price or have your deposit refunded. To ensure availability of dates, you should arrange your tour as far in advance as possible. We recommend at least 6-12 months advance notice depending on your destination since guides and accommodations often book up early, especially during high season. Also, the earlier you register, the more time we have to attract additional participants if you want your tour published as a scheduled tour. For details please refer to our Refund Policies. Group prices automatically apply when 4 or more persons enroll in an ANYTIME tour even if it's not offered as a SCHEDULED tour.

Cheetah - © Laura L Fellows and Exotic Birding Tours


In addition to ANYTIME tours, we offer SCHEDULED tours for pre-arranged dates. Our scheduled tours may be tours already arranged as an ANYTIME tour for other clients, in which case the tour is guaranteed to go unless someone cancels and puts us below the minimum, or it's a tour we scheduled that requires us to meet our group minimum. If you sign up for a scheduled tour that fails to meet the minimum, you'll have the option of either converting the tour to an ANYTIME tour at the ANYTIME tour price or receiving a refund of your deposit, whichever you prefer.

Crimson-collared Tanager - © Laura L Fellows and Exotic Birding Tours





 2015 Costa Rica Birding Tour
Snowcap - © Laura L Fellows and Exotic Birding ToursJan 24-Feb 1, 2015 (9 days, 8 nights)
Price: $TBA; (Single Suppl $TBA)

Carara, La Selva, Talamanca Highlands
 2015 Costa Rica Photo Tour
Snowcap - © Laura L Fellows and Exotic Birding ToursJan 17-24, 2015 (9 days, 8 nights)
Price: $TBA; (Single Suppl $TBA)

Carara, La Selva, Talamanca Highlands


June 2014 - Tanzania Scouting Trip - We completed a 3-week scouting trip to the major game parks of Tanzania plus northeastern Tanzania including the Usambara Mountains. The tour was a great success. We saw all the major mammals including 3 Leopards, 6 Cheetahs, and many Lions plus 332 bird species on the main tour and 205 bird species on the extension (total 433 species), a good count considering that no Palearctic migrants are present during May-June. We saw some significant rarities including just the second record of Black-billed Barbet at Speke Bay. Our mammal count was 36 species on the main tour plus an unidentified fruit bat at Speke Bay and an unidentified mouse at Gibb's Farm along with 3 additional mammals during the extension (total=41 mammals). See our trip reports for details of this trip.

March 2014 - ANYTIME Tours - We've added many new tour choices as ANYTIME tours that allow guaranteed departure with 2 participants at affordable prices similar to the price of many comparable group tours. Check the country of interest to you for available itineraries. Read more »


Guaranteed departures available on ANYTIME tours, personal service, small groups, memorable experiences, reasonable pace, expert guides, professional photography instruction, better prices than comparable tours. Our goal is always to make your experience the best it can be.

Great Egret - © Laura L Fellows and Exotic Birding Tours


Our instructional bird/nature photo workshops emphasize bird photography but also include some nature photography. They're designed to instruct participants on how to obtain stunning environmental portraits of birds in their natural habitats without reliance on outdoor studio setups. All workshops are conducted by professional bird/wildlife photographer Laura L Fellows, whose extensive body of work is evident throughout our website. Domestic photo workshops take place at locations specially chosen for their photographic opportunities within the United States, while international photo workshops take place at selected locations in the tropics. Every photography workshop includes one-on-one phone consultations with Laura along with assignments prior to arrival on location, photography in the field, classroom instruction, and constructive critiques intended to improve everyone's photographic success. For currently scheduled workshops click on the WORKSHOPS menu above or give us a call.