Prices of ANYTIME tours are our best estimates based on information available at the time. However, when estimating our cost months in advance, unanticipated price increases for transportation, lodging, or meals could require an increase in the published price of the tour. Due to our low margins, we must pass any increase of our costs for ANYTIME tours on to you. Such increases are unlikely to exceed 10% of the quoted price set at time of registration.

Prices of SCHEDULED tours have been calculated to offer the best value possible. When significant changes occur, which is rare, we reserve the right to increase our tour price up to 10%. Such changes will apply to those already registered for the tour.

Scheduled tours require a minimum number of participants for the tour to be offered at the published price. If the minimum is not met, any one who registered for a SCHEDULED tour will be give the option of converting the tour to an ANYTIME tour at the ANYTIME tour price or receive a full refund of any payments made. Participants are therefore advised not to purchase plane tickets unless Exotic Birding has confirmed that the tour has met the minimum or they are prepared to accept the ANYTIME tour price.