Tour Overview


Duration:15 days, 14 nights
Group Size:2-8
Anytime Price:$7325
Group Price:$6995
Single Suppl:$350
Est #Species:320-350
* This tour is available for any dates of your choosing provided guide services and accommodations are available.

Guianan Streaked-Antwren - © Laura L Fellows and Exotic Birding LLCGuyana is an exciting, less traveled birding destination featuring over 70 Guianan Shield endemics and about 100 other species found almost exclusively in northeastern South America. Our Guyana birding tour is carefully designed to see most of the speciality birds found within the readily accessible areas of the country. The tour features the Georgetown area, Iwokrama Forest Reserve, the Rupununi Savanna, Karanambu, Dadanawa, Karasabi Village and the Rio Ireng on the Brazil border. The best time to take this tour is October-April, as much of the south tends to be flooded and quite inaccessible other times of year. Accommodations are generally good except quite rustic at Surama and Karasabai and somewhat basic at Dadanawa Ranch.

The tour begins with a focus on coastal specialties at Hope Beach and near the Abary and Mahaicony Rivers seeking out coastal specialties followed by a visit to Garden of Eden in Georgetown. An early morning visit next day to Georgetown Botanical Gardens is devoted to finding target birds such as Blood-colored Woodpecker before taking a morning flight across the vast and largely unspoiled rainforest of the northern Amazon Basin to Iwokrama Forest Reserve. Three full days will be spend birding this reserve. Birding will be along several trails and along the main dirt road through the reserve as well as in the southern sector at Atta Rainforest where a canopy walkway offers special access to canopy birds. The tour continues with a one night stop at Surama Lodge, where accommodations are very basic but birding in the forest and on a short boat trip on the Burro Burro River offers up numerous Guianan Shield endemics. The tour continues south through the Rupununi Savanna to Karanambu Ranch, where several endemics of open savanna await. From Karanambu the tour continues to the village of Karasabai, last stronghold of the endangered Sun Parakeet in Guyana. Next afternoon is a transfer to Manari Ranch for an overnight stay followed by a boat trip up the Rio Takatu and Rio Ireng to find specialties such as Rio Branco Antbird that most birders visiting Guyana miss. From there the tour continues on into the remote south to Dadanawa Ranch, a working cattle ranch where perhaps the world's largest remaining population of the endangered Red Siskin is found. The tour concludes with a return to Lethem for some birding in dry woodland before a mid-day flight back to Georgetown and end of tour.