White-tailed Jay - © Laura L Fellows and Exotic Birding LLC

Exotic Birding offers two types of tours, ANYTIME tours and SCHEDULED tours. We normally do not schedule tours in advance because we cannot guarantee departure of tours for specific dates until participants register. To arrange a tour, it's necessary to block out dates for both guides and accommodations, and canceling a tour later may prevent guides from obtaining alternative employment and prevents hotels and lodges from offering the rooms to other clients. Thus, both guides and accommodations want guarantees that the tour will occur, and hotels/lodges do not want to reserve rooms in advance before clients are guaranteed for the booking. For these reasons, our tours begin as Anytime tours and can be converted to Scheduled tours upon request by clients interested in specific dates of travel. Below is a description of each type of tour.



Our ANYTIME tours are designed with you in mind. You can select any of our suggested itineraries for the destination country of your choice, modify a suggested itinerary to suit your tour preferences, or design your own. To view our itineraries, simply select BIRDING TOURS off the menu above. Most of our tours are also featured on our home page. When you contact us with specific dates in mind for one of our tours, we'll check availability of the guide and accommodations. Once availability is verified, you can confirm your reservation by returning the signed registration form with the required deposit.


We normally do not offer scheduled tours for specific dates because we cannot ensure availabiity of guides and accommodations until clients have signed up. We have found that offering tours with scheduled dates may cause clients to choose a competing tour because our dates to not match their requirements. For this reason, most of our tours do not have set dates. Exceptions occur when we wish to do a tour ourselves as a scouting trip and are seeking clients to join us for the purpose of defraying expenses. Thus, when we do offer scheduled tours, they are tours other clients have already arranged as ANYTIME tours but allow additional participants to obtain the group price. In these cases, departure becomes guaranteed once the group size justifies our group price. PLEASE NOTE: We do not reserve the time of birding guides or accommodations for the tour until clients have guaranteed their participation in the tour, either by requesting guaranteed departure or by sending payment in full.