Tour Overview


Duration:19 days, 18 nights
Group Size:2-6
Anytime Price:$6500
Group Price:$6000
Single Suppl:$350
Est #Species:375-425
* This tour is available for any dates of your choosing provided guide services and accommodations are available.

Central Peru is a less traveled birding destination. The area north of Machu Picchu and south of Chimbote covers the scenic Cordillera Blanca and is filled with endemic species not present on other birding routes. A major target species is the rare and extremely localized Golden-backed Mountain Tanager, best seen in the highlands of Bosque Unchoq near the tree line in early morning. The tour begins with a visit to Lomas de Lachay, an arid hilly region near the coast north of Lima. From there a long drive north leads to Huascaran National Park near Yungay. A full day will be spent birding the Llanganuco Trail there. Another long drive back south through the Cordillera Blanca leads to Huanuco. Several days will be spent birding the Carpish-Paty trail and Bosque Unchoq before continuing south to Junin. The key target species at Junin is the Junin Grebe but other endemics can be found there as well. From Junin a transfer to Villa Rica follows, where two days will be spent birding Bosque Shollet, Oxapampa, and the grounds at Ulcumayo Ecolodge nearby. Next stop is Satipo, where birding the road offers an altitudinal transect similar to the better known Manu Road farther south but with new species. A day will be spent in the Mantaro Valley looking for several birds not yet recognized as new species. From there the tour continues back toward Lima with a day devoted to the very high elevation Marcapomacocha and nearby Milloq Bog where specials abound. The last day will include birding in the canyon area of Santa Eulalia before returning to Lima. Accommodations are mostly in moderately priced hotels but a few nights will be spent in rustic ecolodges.