Before participating in an Exotic Birding tour, each participant must acknowledge that he/she is aware that travel organized or conducted by Exotic Birding LLC involves various risks and dangers including but not limited to the hazards of traveling in international countries and wilderness areas, travel by air, train, bus or other conveyances, tropical diseases, noxious or poisonous plants, venomous animals, inadequate access to appropriate medical care, extreme weather conditions, geological events, exposure to high altitudes, and political events or instabilities.

Each participant must agree to assume all such risks and expressly releases Exotic Birding LLC, its officers, agents, contractors, tour leaders, and other representatives to include any sponsoring organization and its representatives (hereinafter TOUR OPERATOR) from any liability, damage claims, costs, and actions pertaining to any and all risks, accidents, deaths, injuries, illnesses, property damage or loss, delays, inconveniences, or other irregularities that may occur for any reason whatever directly or indirectly in conjunction with or arising from the tour.

Each participant must acknowledge that the delivery and success of Exotic Birding tours as advertised is dependent on service providers such as guides, drivers, hotels, and restaurants providing acceptable services and must agree not to hold TOUR OPERATOR liable should any such service provider fail to provide services as advertised or anticipated.

Each participant must acknowledge and accept that TOUR OPERATOR does not warrant in any fashion the success of the tour in terms of enjoyment, in terms of how many or which birds or other wildlife are actually seen or photographed by any participant on tour, or in any other way.

Each participant must agree to conduct himself/herself in a civil manner toward other participants and TOUR OPERATOR. Further, each participant must agree and accept without recourse that TOUR OPERATOR has the authority to eject participant from the tour for egregious, threatening, belligerent, unruly, disruptive, or criminal behavior without refund and must agree to hold TOUR OPERATOR harmless should such action be taken.

Each participant must sign a registration agreement that serves as an assumption of risk, waiver, indemnity, and release by all signatories, their heirs, all members of their families including any minors accompanying the tour, executors, administrators, and any other representatives of the signatories. Each participant must acknowledge an understanding that the terms of registration are contractual and not merely advisory in nature.

All legal matters relative to the terms and conditions of travel as they affect Exotic Birding LLC shall be directed to and litigated only through the legal system in St Johns County, in the State of Florida, in The U.S.A. All legal matters relative to the terms and conditions of travel as they affect any sponsoring organization shall be directed to and litigated only through the legal system designated by said sponsoring organization.