White-tailed Jay - © Laura L Fellows and Exotic Birding LLC

We strongly recommend that you arrange travel insurance in advance of your tour. Annual policies are offered by some companies and are more economical that a policy for a single tour if you travel frequently during the year.

Trip cancellation insurance covers any loss you may incur if an emergency prevents you from participating in the tour after your payments have become non-refundable. It typically offer covers tour cancellation for reasons beyond your control such as political unrest. In such cases, we normally try to postpone the tour until a later date, but you may wish to file a claim instead with the alloted time period of your policy, which is typically around 60 days.

Travel medical/emergency evacuation insurance is sold separately and is necessary to cover medical treatment or medical evaculation should something happen to you while you're traveling abroad. This coverage is especially important when traveling to remote areas, especially if you have any health concerns. Trip cancellation insurance does not cover medical emergencies. Handling medical emergencies in foreign countries can be very expensive, so we recommend that everyone traveling on our tours consider purchasing insurance that covers such situations. You should consult with your insurer regarding coverage for emergency medical evacuations. Some tours may require this type of coverage. Bhutan has that requirement.

Finally, some companies offer separate coverage for travelers concerned that their tour provider becomes financially insolvent or for some other reason fails to perform the services promised. Exotic Birding is financially solvent, highly reputable, and can be relied upon to deliver tour services, but those having such a concern can purchase coverage that reimburses losses incurred due to financial insolvency of the tour operator.