White-tailed Jay - © Laura L Fellows and Exotic Birding LLC

Tours typically begin at a hotel in the destination city though in a few cases participants will be met at the airport by a representative of Exotic Birding LLC. Participants will be advised of specific arrangements for their tour well in advance of departure.

PLEASE NOTE: Exotic Birding may be forced to cancel or postpone a tour due to political unrest or other unforeseen circumstances. Participants are advised to wait until a couple months prior to departure to book flights unless advised otherwise. Many destination countries are politically stable, and flights to these countries can be booked further in advance. For countries subject to political unrest, refundable tickets are advisable if booked early.

Exotic Birding recommends that participants arrive a day early if possible in case unexpected flight delays or cancellations occur. This is more important for a SCHEDULED tour. It's difficult and potentially expensive to catch up with a group that has already left the city of origin. Exotic Birding can arrange accommodations for early arrivals upon request. In some cases Exotic Birding may organize an optional day trip for early arrivals if there is sufficient interest. Adjustments are more readily made for ANYTIME tours if everyone is arriving together and sufficient notice is given. If you do experience a flight delay, please contact Exotic Birding AND OUR GUIDE OR AGENT IN THE DESTINATION COUNTRY as soon as possible. Contacting our agent on the ground is essential because in rare cases we may not be available to respond to this situation in a timely manner.

Exotic Birding LLC is not a travel agency and cannot make your international airline reservations for you. We can advise and arrange domestic flights within the destination country when applicable. We'll be happy to consult with you regarding what arrangements and arrival times would be appropriate.