# Species*:97
# Excl Vagrants*:97
# Endemics*:15
# Near Endemics*:2
*Based on partial or incomplete data.
Habitat: Forest remnants, wetlands, open country


The table below lists species recorded at this locale but does not indicate frequency of occurrence there. It does indicate whether each species is globally threatened or endangered according to the IUCN and also whether it is migratory, very rare, or accidental in the country. The list is based on available data and may be incomplete.*

color codes

Ducks: Anatidae

1Brazilian TealAmazonetta brasiliensisFSP,GV

Guans, Chachalacas, and Curassows: Cracidae

2Scaled ChachalacaOrtalis squamataGV

Pigeons and Doves: Columbidae

3Rock PigeonColumba liviaFSP
4Ruddy Ground DoveColumbina talpacotiFSP

Nightjars and Allies: Caprimulgidae

5Sickle-winged NightjarEleothreptus anomalusFSP

Swifts: Apodidae

6White-collared SwiftStreptoprocne zonarisGV
7Gray-rumped SwiftChaetura cinereiventrisGV
8Lesser Swallow-tailed SwiftPanyptila cayennensisGV

Hummingbirds: Trochilidae

9Saw-billed HermitRamphodon naeviusGV
10Glittering-bellied EmeraldChlorostilbon lucidusFSP
11Sombre HummingbirdEupetomena cirrochlorisGV

Rails, Gallinules, and Coots: Rallidae

12Slaty-breasted Wood-RailAramides saracuraGV

Stilts and Avocets: Recurvirostridae

13Black-necked StiltHimantopus mexicanusGV

Plovers and Lapwings: Charadriidae

14Southern LapwingVanellus chilensisFSP

Jacanas: Jacanidae

15Wattled JacanaJacana jacanaGV

Sandpipers and Allies: Scolopacidae

16Pantanal SnipeGallinago paraguaiaeFSP,GV

Herons, Egrets, and Bitterns: Ardeidae

17Great EgretArdea albaFSP
18Snowy EgretEgretta thulaGV
19Little Blue HeronEgretta caeruleaGV
20Whistling HeronSyrigma sibilatrixFSP,GV

Ibises and Spoonbills: Threskiornithidae

21Buff-necked IbisTheristicus caudatusFSP

New World Vultures: Cathartidae

22Black VultureCoragyps atratusFSP
23Turkey VultureCathartes auraFSP

Hawks, Eagles, and Kites: Accipitridae

24White-tailed KiteElanus leucurusFSP
25Savanna HawkButeogallus meridionalisFSP
26Mantled HawkPseudastur polionotusGV

Puffbirds: Bucconidae

27Crescent-chested PuffbirdMalacoptila striataGV

Woodpeckers: Picidae

28White-barred PiculetPicumnus cirratusGV
29Mottled PiculetPicumnus nebulosusFSP
30White WoodpeckerMelanerpes candidusFSP
31Yellow-fronted WoodpeckerMelanerpes flavifronsGV
32White-spotted WoodpeckerDryobates spilogasterGV

Falcons and Caracaras: Falconidae

33Yellow-headed CaracaraDaptrius chimachimaFSP

Parrots: Psittacidae

34Plain ParakeetBrotogeris tiricaGV
35Scaly-headed ParrotPionus maximilianiGV
36Cobalt-rumped ParrotletForpus xanthopterygiusGV
37Maroon-bellied ParakeetPyrrhura frontalisGV

Typical Antbirds: Thamnophilidae

38Spot-backed AntshrikeHypoedaleus guttatusGV
39Rufous-capped AntshrikeThamnophilus ruficapillusFSP
40Marsh AntwrenFormicivora acutirostrisGV
41Squamate AntbirdMyrmodenus squamosaGV

Tapaculos: Rhinocryptidae

42Spotted BamboowrenPsilorhamphus guttatusGV
43Marsh TapaculoScytalopus iraiensisFSP

Ovenbirds and Woodcreepers: Furnariidae

44Streaked XenopsXenops rutilansGV
45Araucaria Tit-SpinetailLeptasthenura setariaFSP
46Yellow-chinned SpinetailCerthiaxis cinnamomeusGV
47Gray-bellied SpinetailSynallaxis cinerascensFSP
48Spix's SpinetailSynallaxis spixiFSP

Cotingas: Cotingidae

49Bare-throated BellbirdProcnias nudicollisGV

Tityras and Allies: Tityridae

50Greenish SchiffornisSchiffornis virescensGV

Tyrant Flycatchers: Tyrannidae

51Restinga TyrannuletPhylloscartes kroneiGV
52Sao Paulo TyrannuletPogonotriccus paulistaGV
53Kaempfer's Tody-TyrantHemitriccus kaempferiGV
54Ochre-faced Tody-FlycatcherPoecilotriccus plumbeicepsFSP
55Gray-headed Tody-FlycatcherTodirostrum poliocephalumGV
56Sharp-tailed TyrantCulicivora caudacutaFSP
57Small-billed ElaeniaElaenia parvirostrisFSP
58White-crested TyrannuletSerpophaga subcristataFSP
59Gray-capped TyrannuletPhyllomyias griseocapillaGV
60Long-tailed TyrantColonia colonusFSP,GV
61Great KiskadeePitangus sulphuratusFSP
62Three-striped FlycatcherConopias trivirgatusGV
63Streaked FlycatcherMyiodynastes maculatusFSP
64Tropical KingbirdTyrannus melancholicusFSP
65Fork-tailed FlycatcherTyrannus savanaFSP

Vireos, Shrike-Babblers, and Erpornis: Vireonidae

66Rufous-browed PeppershrikeCyclarhis gujanensisFSP
67Rufous-crowned GreenletHylophilus poicilotisFSP

Crows, Jays, and Magpies: Corvidae

68Azure JayCyanocorax caeruleusFSP,GV

Swallows: Hirundinidae

69Blue-and-white SwallowPygochelidon cyanoleucaFSP,GV
70Gray-breasted MartinProgne chalybeaFSP
71White-rumped SwallowTachycineta leucorrhoaGV

Wrens: Troglodytidae

72House WrenTroglodytes aedonGV
73Long-billed WrenCantorchilus longirostrisGV

Old World Sparrows: Passeridae

74House SparrowPasser domesticusFSP

Wagtails and Pipits: Motacillidae

75Yellowish PipitAnthus lutescensGV

Finches, Euphonias, and Allies: Fringillidae

76Violaceous EuphoniaEuphonia violaceaFSP,GV
77Hooded SiskinSpinus magellanicusGV

Troupials and Allies: Icteridae

78White-browed MeadowlarkLeistes superciliarisGV
79Red-rumped CaciqueCacicus haemorrhousGV
80Yellow-rumped MarshbirdPseudoleistes guirahuroFSP

New World Warblers: Parulidae

81Southern YellowthroatGeothlypis velataFSP,GV

Cardinals and Allies: Cardinalidae

82Glaucous-blue GrosbeakCyanoloxia glaucocaeruleaFSP

Tanagers and Allies: Thraupidae

83Brazilian TanagerRamphocelus bresiliusGV
84Diademed TanagerStephanophorus diadematusGV
85Sayaca TanagerThraupis sayacaFSP
86Red-necked TanagerTangara cyanocephalaGV
87Brassy-breasted TanagerTangara desmarestiGV
88Long-tailed Reed FinchDonacospiza albifronsFSP
89Black-and-rufous Warbling FinchPoospiza nigrorufaFSP
90Gray-throated Warbling FinchPoospiza cabanisiFSP
91Saffron FinchSicalis flaveolaFSP
92Wedge-tailed Grass-FinchEmberizoides herbicolaFSP
93Lesser Grass-FinchEmberizoides ypiranganusFSP
94Great Pampa-FinchEmbernagra platensisFSP
95Blue-black GrassquitVolatinia jacarinaFSP
96Double-collared SeedeaterSporophila caerulescensFSP,GV
97BananaquitCoereba flaveolaFSP

 *Nomenclature and taxonomic affinities are based on Clements 6th Edition published 2007 with updates through 2021 maintained by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, which relies largely on the AOU and SACC nomenclature committees. IUCN status may reflect splits not currently recognized by Clements.
**Species not accepted by Clements, AOU, or SACC that we recognize based on the IOC, field observations along with geographical separation, consensus opinions of field guide authors, and other sources. These species are potential splits in future Clements updates.



//Boreal Visitor0
\\Austral Visitor0
##Non-breeding Dispersal0
()Breeding Season Only0


NTNear Threatened8
CRCritically Endangered0

Species counts in code tables depend on completeness of the data. For some countries or locales, data may not include all species or information on species presence may be incomplete.


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