# Species*:86
# Excl Vagrants*:86
# Endemics*:1
# Near Endemics*:7
*Based on partial or incomplete data.
Habitat: Shade-grown coffee plantations, dry scrub


The table below lists species recorded at this locale but does not indicate frequency of occurrence there. It does indicate whether each species is globally threatened or endangered according to the IUCN and also whether it is migratory, very rare, or accidental in the country. The list is based on available data and may be incomplete.*

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Guans, Chachalacas, and Curassows: Cracidae

1Chestnut-winged ChachalacaOrtalis garrula

Pigeons and Doves: Columbidae

2Pale-vented PigeonPatagioenas cayennensis
3Scaled PigeonPatagioenas speciosa
4Band-tailed PigeonPatagioenas fasciata
5White-tipped DoveLeptotila verreauxi

Cuckoos: Cuculidae

6Greater AniCrotophaga major
7Squirrel CuckooPiaya cayana

Swifts: Apodidae

8Lesser Swallow-tailed SwiftPanyptila cayennensis

Hummingbirds: Trochilidae

9White-necked JacobinFlorisuga mellivora
10Rufous-breasted HermitGlaucis hirsutus
11Pale-bellied HermitPhaethornis anthophilus
12Little Hermit
(Stripe-throated Hermit)
Phaethornis striigularis
13Red-billed EmeraldChlorostilbon gibsoni
14Coppery EmeraldChlorostilbon russatus
15White-vented PlumeleteerChalybura buffonii
16Crowned WoodnymphThalurania colombica
17Steely-vented HummingbirdSaucerottia saucerottei
18Rufous-tailed HummingbirdAmazilia tzacatl

Sandpipers and Allies: Scolopacidae

19/Greater Yellowlegs/Tringa melanoleuca

New World Vultures: Cathartidae

20Black VultureCoragyps atratus
21Turkey VultureCathartes aura
22King VultureSarcoramphus papa

Hawks, Eagles, and Kites: Accipitridae

23Swallow-tailed KiteElanoides forficatus
24Solitary EagleButeogallus solitarius
25Gray-lined HawkButeo nitidus
26Short-tailed HawkButeo brachyurus
27Zone-tailed HawkButeo albonotatus

Motmots: Momotidae

28Whooping MotmotMomotus subrufescens

Puffbirds: Bucconidae

29Pied PuffbirdNotharchus tectus

Jacamars: Galbulidae

30Rufous-tailed JacamarGalbula ruficauda

Toucans: Ramphastidae

31Keel-billed ToucanRamphastos sulfuratus

Woodpeckers: Picidae

32Scaled PiculetPicumnus squamulatus
33Lineated WoodpeckerDryocopus lineatus

Parrots: Psittacidae

34Orange-chinned ParakeetBrotogeris jugularis
35Blue-headed ParrotPionus menstruus
36Scaly-naped ParrotAmazona mercenarius
37Military MacawAra militaris

Typical Antbirds: Thamnophilidae

38Black-backed AntshrikeThamnophilus melanonotus
39White-fringed AntwrenFormicivora grisea

Ovenbirds and Woodcreepers: Furnariidae

40Cocoa WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus susurrans

Manakins: Pipridae

41White-bearded ManakinManacus manacus

Tityras and Allies: Tityridae

42Masked TityraTityra semifasciata
43Cinnamon BecardPachyramphus cinnamomeus
44One-colored BecardPachyramphus homochrous

Tyrant Flycatchers: Tyrannidae

45Ochre-bellied FlycatcherMionectes oleagineus
46Slaty-capped FlycatcherLeptopogon superciliaris
47Pale-eyed Pygmy-TyrantAtalotriccus pilaris
48Pearly-vented Tody-TyrantHemitriccus margaritaceiventer
49Yellow-breasted FlycatcherTolmomyias flaviventris
50Southern Beardless-TyrannuletCamptostoma obsoletum
51Brown-capped TyrannuletOrnithion brunneicapillus
52Sooty-headed TyrannuletPhyllomyias griseiceps
53Spectacled TyrannuletZimmerius improbus
54Yellow-bellied Chat-TyrantOchthoeca diadema
55Brown-crested FlycatcherMyiarchus tyrannulus
56Cattle TyrantMachetornis rixosa
57Social FlycatcherMyiozetetes similis
58Streaked FlycatcherMyiodynastes maculatus
59Piratic FlycatcherLegatus leucophaius
60Tropical KingbirdTyrannus melancholicus

Vireos, Shrike-Babblers, and Erpornis: Vireonidae

61Scrub GreenletHylophilus flavipes
62Golden-fronted GreenletPachysilvia aurantiifrons

Crows, Jays, and Magpies: Corvidae

63Black-chested JayCyanocorax affinis

Swallows: Hirundinidae

64Southern Rough-winged SwallowStelgidopteryx ruficollis

Gnatcatchers: Polioptilidae

65Long-billed GnatwrenRamphocaenus melanurus

Wrens: Troglodytidae

66Bicolored WrenCampylorhynchus griseus
67Rufous-breasted WrenPheugopedius rutilus
68Rufous-and-white WrenThryophilus rufalbus

Thrushes and Allies: Turdidae

69Pale-breasted ThrushTurdus leucomelas

Finches, Euphonias, and Allies: Fringillidae

70Lesser GoldfinchSpinus psaltria

Thrush-Tanager: Rhodinocichlidae

71Rosy Thrush-TanagerRhodinocichla rosea

New World Sparrows: Passerellidae

72Golden-winged SparrowArremon schlegeli

Troupials and Allies: Icteridae

73Crested OropendolaPsarocolius decumanus
74Yellow-tailed OrioleIcterus mesomelas
75Giant CowbirdMolothrus oryzivorus

New World Warblers: Parulidae

76Yellow WarblerSetophaga petechia
77Chestnut-capped WarblerBasileuterus delattrii

Tanagers and Allies: Thraupidae

78Crimson-backed TanagerRamphocelus dimidiatus
79Blue-gray TanagerThraupis episcopus
80Black-headed TanagerStilpnia cyanoptera
81Bay-headed TanagerTangara gyrola
82Swallow TanagerTersina viridis
83Blue-black GrassquitVolatinia jacarina
84Yellow-bellied SeedeaterSporophila nigricollis
85Dull-colored GrassquitAsemospiza obscurus
86Streaked SaltatorSaltator striatipectus

 * Nomenclature and taxonomic affinities are based on Clements 6th Edition published 2007 with updates through 2021 maintained by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, which relies largely on the AOU and SACC nomenclature committees. IUCN status may reflect splits not currently recognized by Clements.
** Species not accepted by Clements, AOU, or SACC that we recognize based on the IOC, field observations along with geographical separation, consensus opinions of field guide authors, and other sources. These species are potential splits in future Clements updates.



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\\Austral Visitor
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