Area (SqKm):850
Altitude (m):610
# Species*:127
# Excl Vagrants*:127
# Endemics*:0
# Near Endemics*:6
Species/100 SqKm*:14.9
*Based on partial or incomplete data.
Habitat: Alkaline lake, Acacia bushland


The table below lists species recorded at this locale but does not indicate frequency of occurrence there. It does indicate whether each species is globally threatened or endangered according to the IUCN and also whether it is migratory, very rare, or accidental in the country. The list is based on available data and may be incomplete.*

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Ostriches: Struthionidae

1Common OstrichStruthio camelus

Ducks: Anatidae

2Egyptian GooseAlopochen aegyptiaca

Guineafowl: Numididae

3Helmeted GuineafowlNumida meleagris

Pheasants, Grouse, and Allies: Phasianidae

4Crested FrancolinOrtygornis sephaena
5Coqui FrancolinCampocolinus coqui
6Yellow-necked SpurfowlPternistis leucoscepus

Flamingos: Phoenicopteridae

7Greater FlamingoPhoenicopterus roseus
8<Lesser Flamingo>Phoenicoparrus minor

Pigeons and Doves: Columbidae

9Speckled PigeonColumba guinea
10Mourning Collared-DoveStreptopelia decipiens
11Ring-necked DoveStreptopelia capicola
12Laughing DoveSpilopelia senegalensis
13Namaqua DoveOena capensis

Sandgrouse: Pteroclidae

14Chestnut-bellied SandgrousePterocles exustus
15Black-faced SandgrousePterocles decoratus

Bustards: Otididae

16Kori BustardArdeotis kori
17Buff-crested BustardEupodotis gindiana

Turacos: Musophagidae

18Bare-faced Go-away-birdCorythaixoides personatus
19White-bellied Go-away-birdCorythaixoides leucogaster

Cuckoos: Cuculidae

20Red-chested CuckooCuculus solitarius
21White-browed CoucalCentropus superciliosus

Nightjars and Allies: Caprimulgidae

22Sombre NightjarCaprimulgus fraenatus
23Donaldson-Smith's NightjarCaprimulgus donaldsoni
24Slender-tailed NightjarCaprimulgus clarus

Swifts: Apodidae

25|Common Swift|Apus apus

Plovers and Lapwings: Charadriidae

26Blacksmith LapwingVanellus armatus
27Crowned LapwingVanellus coronatus
28Kittlitz's PloverCharadrius pecuarius
29Three-banded PloverCharadrius tricollaris
30Chestnut-banded PloverCharadrius pallidus

Sandpipers and Allies: Scolopacidae

31/Ruff/Calidris pugnax
32/Little Stint/Calidris minuta
33/Green Sandpiper/Tringa ochropus
34/Marsh Sandpiper/Tringa stagnatilis

Buttonquail: Turnicidae

35Small ButtonquailTurnix sylvaticus

Pratincoles and Coursers: Glareolidae

36Double-banded CourserSmutsornis africanus

Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers: Laridae

37Gray-hooded GullChroicocephalus cirrocephalus
38/Gull-billed Tern/Gelochelidon nilotica

Storks: Ciconiidae

39#Abdim's Stork#Ciconia abdimii
40/White Stork/Ciconia ciconia
41Marabou StorkLeptoptilos crumenifer

Pelicans: Pelecanidae

42Pink-backed PelicanPelecanus rufescens

Herons, Egrets, and Bitterns: Ardeidae

43Cattle EgretBubulcus ibis

Secretary-bird: Sagittariidae

44SecretarybirdSagittarius serpentarius

Hawks, Eagles, and Kites: Accipitridae

45White-backed VultureGyps africanus
46BateleurTerathopius ecaudatus
47Tawny EagleAquila rapax
48Eastern Chanting-GoshawkMelierax poliopterus
49Montagu's HarrierCircus pygargus
50/Black Kite/Milvus migrans
51Yellow-billed Kite**Milvus aegyptius
52Augur BuzzardButeo augur

Mousebirds: Coliidae

53Speckled MousebirdColius striatus

Woodhoopoes and Scimitarbills: Phoeniculidae

54Abyssinian ScimitarbillRhinopomastus minor

Hornbills: Bucerotidae

55African Gray HornbillLophoceros nasutus
56Northern Red-billed HornbillTockus erythrorhynchus
57Von der Decken's HornbillTockus deckeni

Kingfishers: Alcedinidae

58Gray-headed KingfisherHalcyon leucocephala
59Woodland KingfisherHalcyon senegalensis

Bee-eaters: Meropidae

60Little Bee-eaterMerops pusillus
61/White-throated Bee-eater/Merops albicollis

Rollers: Coraciidae

62/European Roller/Coracias garrulus

African Barbets: Lybiidae

63Red-and-yellow BarbetTrachyphonus erythrocephalus
64D'Arnaud's BarbetTrachyphonus darnaudii
65Black-throated BarbetTricholaema melanocephala

Woodpeckers: Picidae

66Cardinal WoodpeckerChloropicus fuscescens
67Nubian WoodpeckerCampethera nubica

Falcons and Caracaras: Falconidae

68/Eurasian Kestrel/Falco tinnunculus
69Greater KestrelFalco rupicoloides
70Peregrine FalconFalco peregrinus

Parrots: Psittaculidae

71Fischer's LovebirdAgapornis fischeri

Bushshrikes: Malaconotidae

72Black-crowned TchagraTchagra senegalus
73Rosy-patched BushshrikeRhodophoneus cruentus

Drongos: Dicruridae

74Fork-tailed DrongoDicrurus adsimilis

Shrikes: Laniidae

75Long-tailed FiscalLanius cabanisi
76Taita FiscalLanius dorsalis

Tits, Chickadees, and Titmice: Paridae

77Red-throated TitMelaniparus fringillinus

Larks: Alaudidae

78Fischer's Sparrow-LarkEremopterix leucopareia
79White-tailed LarkMirafra albicauda
80<Short-tailed Lark>Pseudalaemon fremantlii

Cisticolas and Allies: Cisticolidae

81Yellow-bellied EremomelaEremomela icteropygialis
82Gray Wren-WarblerCalamonastes simplex
83Ashy CisticolaCisticola cinereolus

Swallows: Hirundinidae

84/Barn Swallow/Hirundo rustica
85/Common House-Martin/Delichon urbicum

Bulbuls: Pycnonotidae

86Common BulbulPycnonotus barbatus

Sylviid Warblers, Parrotbills, and Allies: Sylviidae

87Banded ParisomaCurruca boehmi

White-eyes, Yuhinas, and Allies: Zosteropidae

88Pale White-eyeZosterops abyssinicus

Laughingthrushes and Allies: Leiothrichidae

89Rufous ChattererArgya rubiginosa
90Scaly ChattererArgya aylmeri
91Northern Pied-BabblerTurdoides hypoleuca

Starlings: Sturnidae

92Hildebrandt's StarlingLamprotornis hildebrandti
93Superb StarlingLamprotornis superbus

Thrushes and Allies: Turdidae

94Abyssinian ThrushTurdus abyssinicus

Old World Flycatchers: Muscicapidae

95|Spotted Flycatcher|Muscicapa striata
96African Gray FlycatcherBradornis microrhynchus
97Pale FlycatcherAgricola pallidus
98Cape Robin-ChatCossypha caffra
99Spotted Morning-ThrushCichladusa guttata
100/Northern Wheatear/Oenanthe oenanthe
101Capped WheatearOenanthe pileata
102/Isabelline Wheatear/Oenanthe isabellina
103/Pied Wheatear/Oenanthe pleschanka
104Abyssinian WheatearOenanthe lugubris

Sunbirds and Spiderhunters: Nectariniidae

105Eastern Violet-backed SunbirdAnthreptes orientalis
106Beautiful SunbirdCinnyris pulchellus

Weavers and Allies: Ploceidae

107White-headed Buffalo-WeaverDinemellia dinemelli
108White-browed Sparrow-WeaverPlocepasser mahali
109<Chestnut Weaver>Ploceus rubiginosus
110<Red-billed Quelea>Quelea quelea
111Southern Red BishopEuplectes orix
112Yellow BishopEuplectes capensis

Waxbills and Allies: Estrildidae

113Black-and-white MannikinSpermestes bicolor
114Black-cheeked WaxbillBrunhilda charmosyna
115Purple GrenadierGranatina ianthinogaster
116Blue-capped CordonbleuUraeginthus cyanocephalus
117Red-billed FirefinchLagonosticta senegala

Indigobirds: Viduidae

118Pin-tailed WhydahVidua macroura
119Steel-blue WhydahVidua hypocherina
120Straw-tailed WhydahVidua fischeri
121Village IndigobirdVidua chalybeata

Old World Sparrows: Passeridae

122House SparrowPasser domesticus
123Kenya Rufous SparrowPasser rufocinctus
124Swahili SparrowPasser suahelicus

Wagtails and Pipits: Motacillidae

125Plain-backed PipitAnthus leucophrys
126Pangani LongclawMacronyx aurantiigula

Finches, Euphonias, and Allies: Fringillidae

127White-bellied CanaryCrithagra dorsostriatus

 * Nomenclature and taxonomic affinities are based on Clements 6th Edition published 2007 with updates through 2021 maintained by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, which relies largely on the AOU and SACC nomenclature committees. IUCN status may reflect splits not currently recognized by Clements.
** Species not accepted by Clements, AOU, or SACC that we recognize based on the IOC, field observations along with geographical separation, consensus opinions of field guide authors, and other sources. These species are potential splits in future Clements updates.



//Boreal Visitor
\\Austral Visitor
##Non-breeding Dispersal
()Breeding Season Only