Altitude (m):2485
# Species*:204
# Excl Vagrants*:204
# Endemics*:11
# Near Endemics*:17
*Based on partial or incomplete data.
Habitat: Town, mountain forest, elfin forest, canyon, hummingbird feeders


-1>The drive to Leimebamba from Cajamarca offers spectacular scenary as it descends into the Marañon River Canyon and then climbs back into the highlands. Leimebamba offers an excellent base for birding nearby areas, including Balsas at the low point in the canyon and nearby Abra Negro and Canyon de los Condores. The best birding within the town itself is at the Kenticafe, where feeders attract hummingbirds such as Marvelous Spatuletail, Violet-throated Starfrontlet, Rainbow Starfrontlet, Little Woodstar, and White-bellied Hummingbird.

The road from Pedro Luis in the north to Leimebamba follows the bottom ot the Utcubamaba River Valley and also offers spectacular scenery. The interesting ruins of the Chachapoyas culture can be seen along the cliffs above the river valley. En route is the in the north is Hostal Estancia Chillo. The grounds of this hotel is a reliable place for Koepcke's Screech-Owl. Also present on the grounds are other interesting species such as Speckle-chested Piculet, Black-necked Woodpecker, Baron's Spinetail, Marañon Thrush, and Buff-bellied Tanager.

Not far from town is a road leading to Canyon de los Condores. The prime target bird there is Andean Condor. Other interesting possibilities include Gray-breasted Mountain-Toucan and Silver-backed Tanager.


Leimebamba is a town located near the Marañon River Valley. It's about 1 hour 20min from Celindin and and 2 hours 15min from Chachapoyas.