# Species:879
# Excl Vagrants:846
# Endemics:21
# Near Endemics:25

List of target birds found in the country broken down by locations. Target birds are those that are endemic, near endemic, critically endangered or endangered according to the IUCN, best seen in this country, or always considered by us to be a target. Only countries for which we have data are used to determine if the species is best seen in this country. Hence, species listed as best seen in this country may also be seen in other countries for which we don't have any data. If no locale code is given, the species is only present in remote areas not included in our list of locales but is only in remote locales of other countries as well. A separate target list can be viewed for each location by clicking its sidebar link.*

color codes

1Blue-winged GooseCyanochen cyanopteraManyE
2Maccoa DuckOxyura maccoaManyEN
3Moorland FrancolinScleroptera psilolaemusManyE
4Blue QuailSynoicus adansonii BC
5Chestnut-naped SpurfowlPternistis castaneicollisManyBC
6Erckel's SpurfowlPternistis erckeliiManyBC
7Harwood's SpurfowlPternistis harwoodiManyE
8White-collared PigeonColumba albitorquesManyNE
9White-winged Collared-DoveStreptopelia reichenowiManyBC
10Spotted SandgrousePterocles senegallusYABC
11Arabian BustardArdeotis arabsManyBC
12Little Brown BustardHeterotetrax humilis BC
13White-cheeked TuracoMenelikkornis leucotisManyNE
14Prince Ruspoli's TuracoMenelikkornis ruspoliiHF,LPNA,WG,YAE
15/Egyptian Nightjar/Caprimulgus aegyptiusANP,AWRBC
16Plain NightjarCaprimulgus inornatusANP,AWR,WGBC
17Nechisar NightjarCaprimulgus solala BC
18Rouget's RailRougetius rougetiiManyNE
19White-winged FlufftailSarothrura ayresi BC
20Egyptian PloverPluvianus aegyptiusDL,GVNPBC
21Abdim's StorkCiconia abdimiiManyBC
22Wattled IbisBostrychia carunculataManyNE
23SecretarybirdSagittarius serpentariusManyEN
24White-headed VultureTrigonoceps occipitalisManyCR
25Lappet-faced VultureTorgos tracheliotosManyEN
26Hooded VultureNecrosyrtes monachusManyCR
27BateleurTerathopius ecaudatusManyEN
28Martial EaglePolemaetus bellicosusManyEN
29/Grasshopper Buzzard/Butastur rufipennisANP,AWR,GVNP
30Pharaoh Eagle-OwlBubo ascalaphus BC
31Black-billed WoodhoopoePhoeniculus somaliensisManyBC
32Ethiopian Bee-eaterMerops lafresnayiiManyE
33\White-throated Bee-eater\Merops albicollisManyBC
34Northern Carmine Bee-eaterMerops nubicusManyBC
35Yellow-breasted BarbetTrachyphonus margaritatusManyBC
36Banded BarbetLybius undatusManyNE
37Abyssinian WoodpeckerDendropicos abyssinicusManyNE
38Black-winged LovebirdAgapornis tarantaManyNE
39Yellow-fronted ParrotPoicephalus flavifronsManyE
40Ethiopian Black-headed OrioleOriolus monachaManyNE
41Red-naped BushshrikeLaniarius ruficepsManyNE
42/Red-tailed Shrike/Lanius phoenicuroidesManyBC
43Stresemann's Bush-CrowZavattariornis stresemanniLPNA,MS,YAE
44Thick-billed RavenCorvus crassirostrisManyNE
45White-backed Black-TitMelaniparus leuconotusManyNE
46Forest Penduline-TitAnthoscopus flavifrons BC
47Rufous-rumped LarkPinarocorys erythropygia BC
48Liben LarkHeteromirafra archeriLPNAE
49Collared LarkMirafra collaris BC
50Gillett's LarkMirafra gillettiManyNE
51Blanford's LarkCalandrella blanfordiManyNE
52Masked LarkSpizocorys personataYANE
53Short-billed CrombecSylvietta philippae BC
54Graceful PriniaPrinia gracilis BC
55Ethiopian CisticolaCisticola lugubrisManyNE
56Rufous-winged CisticolaCisticola galactotesBMNPBC
57Pale Crag-Martin**Ptyonoprogne obsoletaBMNP,JVBC
58White-tailed SwallowHirundo megaensisManyE
59Red-chested SwallowHirundo lucidaManyBC
60Red Sea SwallowPetrochelidon perdita BC
61Abyssinian CatbirdSylvia galinieriManyE
62Abyssinian White-eyeZosterops abyssinicusManyBC
63Heuglin's White-eyeZosterops poliogastrusManyNE
64White-rumped BabblerTurdoides leucopygiaManyBC
65Scaly BabblerTurdoides squamulata BC
66Cretzschmar's BabblerTurdoides leucocephalaManyBC
67White-billed StarlingOnychognathus albirostrisManyNE
68Somali StarlingOnychognathus blythiiManyBC
69Chestnut-bellied StarlingLamprotornis pulcher BC
70White-crowned StarlingLamprotornis albicapillusManyBC
71Ethiopian ThrushTurdus simensisManyE
72Abyssinian Slaty-FlycatcherMelaenornis chocolatinusManyNE
73/Black Scrub-Robin/Cercotrichas podobeANP,AWR,MJBC
74White-crowned Robin-ChatCossypha albicapillusAA,ZKABC
75White-winged Cliff-ChatMonticola semirufaManyNE
76Rueppell's ChatMyrmecocichla melaenaManyNE
77Rusty-breasted WheatearOenanthe frenataManyBC
78Somali WheatearOenanthe phillipsi BC
79BlackstartOenanthe melanuraManyBC
80Sombre Rock ChatOenanthe dubiaManyE
81Mourning WheatearOenanthe lugens BC
82Nile Valley SunbirdHedydipna metallicaManyBC
83Rueppell's WeaverPloceus galbulaManyBC
84Salvadori's WeaverPloceus dichrocephalusLPNA,YANE
85Red-billed PytiliaPytilia lineataManyNE
86Sahel Paradise-WhydahVidua orientalisANPBC
87Exclamatory Paradise-WhydahVidua interjectaANP,GVNP,MJBC
88Wilson's IndigobirdVidua wilsoni BC
89Jambandu IndigobirdVidua raricola BC
90Baka IndigobirdVidua larvaticolaGVNPBC
91Swainson's SparrowPasser swainsoniiManyBC
92Sudan Golden SparrowPasser luteus BC
93Sahel Bush SparrowGymnornis dentataManyBC
94/Pale Rockfinch/Carpospiza brachydactylaANP,AWR,MJBC
95Abyssinian LongclawMacronyx flavicollisManyE
96Yellow-rumped SerinCrithagra xanthopygiusManyNE
97Yellow-throated SerinCrithagra flavigulaManyE
98Salvadori's SerinCrithagra xantholaemusLPNAE
99Brown-rumped SeedeaterCrithagra tristriatusManyBC
100Ankober SerinCrithagra ankoberensisADS,MJE
101Ethiopian SiskinSerinus nigricepsManyE


 *Nomenclature and taxonomic affinities are based on Clements 6th Edition published 2007 with updates through 2021 maintained by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, which relies largely on the AOU and SACC nomenclature committees. IUCN status may reflect splits not currently recognized by Clements.
**Species not accepted by Clements, AOU, or SACC that we recognize based on the IOC, field observations along with geographical separation, consensus opinions of field guide authors, and other sources. These species are potential splits in future Clements updates.