Area (SqMi):224,962
# Species:1126
# Excl Vagrants:1071
# Endemics:10
# Near Endemics:35
Species/1000 SqMi:4.8

List of target birds found in the country broken down by locations. Target birds are those that are endemic, near endemic, critically endangered or endangered according to the IUCN, best seen in this country, or always considered by us to be a target. Only countries for which we have data are used to determine if the species is best seen in this country. Hence, species listed as best seen in this country may also be seen in other countries for which we don't have any data. If no locale code is given, the species is only present in remote areas not included in our list of locales but is only in remote locales of other countries as well. A separate target list can be viewed for each location by clicking its sidebar link.*

color codes

1Maccoa DuckOxyura maccoaManyEN
2Eastern Crested GuineafowlGuttera pucheraniANP,MMNE
3Elgon FrancolinScleroptera elgonensisANP,MGNE
4Jackson's SpurfowlPternistis jacksoniANP,GF,MKNE
5Forbes-Watson's SwiftApus berliozi BC
6Gray Crowned-CraneBalearica regulorumManyEN
7\Malagasy Pond-Heron\Ardeola idaeManyEN
8SecretarybirdSagittarius serpentariusManyEN
9White-headed VultureTrigonoceps occipitalisManyCR
10Lappet-faced VultureTorgos tracheliotosManyEN
11Hooded VultureNecrosyrtes monachusManyCR
12BateleurTerathopius ecaudatusManyEN
13Martial EaglePolemaetus bellicosusManyEN
14/Grasshopper Buzzard/Butastur rufipennisManyBC
15Sokoke Scops-OwlOtus ireneae BC
16Blue-headed Bee-eaterMerops muelleriKFRBC
17Usambiro Barbet**Trachyphonus usambiroMMNE
18Gray ParrotPsittacus erithacusKFR,SBNPEN
19Short-tailed BatisBatis mixta BC
20Gray-crested HelmetshrikePrionops poliolophusLNAI,LNK,MPNE
21Chestnut-fronted HelmetshrikePrionops scopifrons BC
22Red-naped BushshrikeLaniarius ruficeps BC
23Zanzibar BoubouLaniarius sublacteus BC
24Four-colored BushshrikeTelophorus viridis BC
25Red-throated TitMelaniparus fringillinusManyNE
26Williams's LarkMirafra williamsiBS,SBNP,SBRE
27Collared LarkMirafra collaris BC
28Gillett's LarkMirafra gilletti BC
29Masked LarkSpizocorys personataSBRNE
30Turner's EremomelaEremomela turneriKFRBC
31Black-collared ApalisOreolais pulcherManyBC
32Taita ApalisApalis fuscigularis BC
33Brown-tailed Apalis**Apalis viridicepsLBBC
34Black-capped Rufous-WarblerBathmocercus cerviniventrisKFRBC
35Tana River CisticolaCisticola restrictus BC
36Coastal CisticolaCisticola haematocephala BC
37Aberdare CisticolaCisticola aberdareANP,KP,MGE
38/Basra Reed Warbler/Acrocephalus griseldisLB,LNAI,NNP
39Placid Greenbul**Phyllastrephus placidus BC
40Mbulu White-eyeZosterops mbuluensis BC
41Heuglin's White-eyeZosterops poliogastrusLNKNE
42Kikuyu White-eyeZosterops kikuyuensisManyE
43Taita White-eyeZosterops silvarnus BC
44Tanzanian IlladopsisIlladopsis distans BC
45Hinde's Pied-BabblerTurdoides hindeiANPE
46Scaly BabblerTurdoides squamulata BC
47Northern Pied-BabblerTurdoides hypoleucaManyNE
48Abbott's StarlingPoeoptera femoralisANP,GF,KV,MKNE
49Kenrick's StarlingPoeoptera kenrickiMKNE
50Hildebrandt's StarlingLamprotornis hildebrandtiManyNE
51Ashy StarlingLamprotornis unicolor BC
52Spotted Ground-ThrushGeokichla guttata BC
53Taita ThrushTurdus helleri BC
54Chapin's FlycatcherFraseria lenduKFRNE
55Amani SunbirdHedydipna pallidigaster BC
56Eastern Double-collared SunbirdCinnyris mediocrisManyNE
57Usambara Double-collared SunbirdCinnyris usambaricus BC
58Tsavo SunbirdCinnyris tsavoensis BC
59Violet-breasted SunbirdCinnyris chalcomelas BC
60Donaldson Smith's Sparrow-WeaverPlocepasser donaldsoniBS,SBNP,SBRBC
61Red WeaverAnaplectes jubaensis BC
62Golden Palm WeaverPloceus bojeriBS,SBNP,SBRBC
63Taveta Golden-WeaverPloceus castaneiceps BC
64Clarke's WeaverPloceus golandi BC
65Salvadori's WeaverPloceus dichrocephalus BC
66<Fire-fronted Bishop>Euplectes diadematusManyBC
67Jackson's WidowbirdEuplectes jacksoniManyNE
68Kenya Rufous SparrowPasser rufocinctusManyNE
69Swahili SparrowPasser suahelicusManyNE
70Malindi PipitAnthus melindae BC
71Sokoke PipitAnthus sokokensis BC
72Sharpe's LongclawMacronyx sharpeiManyE
73Southern Grosbeak-CanaryCrithagra buchananiLNAI,MM,OLONE
74West African SeedeaterCrithagra canicapillaKEBC


 *Nomenclature and taxonomic affinities are based on Clements 6th Edition published 2007 with updates through 2021 maintained by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, which relies largely on the AOU and SACC nomenclature committees. IUCN status may reflect splits not currently recognized by Clements.
**Species not accepted by Clements, AOU, or SACC that we recognize based on the IOC, field observations along with geographical separation, consensus opinions of field guide authors, and other sources. These species are potential splits in future Clements updates.