Area (ha):2,253
# Species:389
# Excl Vagrants:389
# Endemics:51
# Near Endemics:7
Species/100 ha:17.3
Habitat: Atlantic Forest, coastal estuary


List of target species for the country that could possibly be seen at this location. Target birds are those that are endemic, near endemic, critically endangered or endangered according to the IUCN, best seen in this country, or always considered by us to be a target. Accidentals, vagrants, and very rare species are excluded from this list.

color codes

1Yellow-legged TinamouCrypturellus noctivagusE
2Scaled ChachalacaOrtalis squamataE
3Black-fronted Piping-GuanPipile jacutingaEN
4Long-trained NightjarMacropsalis forcipataNE
5Black JacobinFlorisuga fuscaBC
6Saw-billed HermitRamphodon naeviusE
7Dusky-throated HermitPhaethornis squalidusE
8Festive CoquetteLophornis chalybeusE
9Brazilian RubyHeliodoxa rubricaudaE
10Green-crowned PlovercrestStephanoxis lalandiE
11Sombre HummingbirdEupetomena cirrochlorisE
12White-necked HawkButeogallus lacernulatusE
13Mantled HawkPseudastur polionotusBC
14Long-tufted Screech-OwlMegascops sanctaecatarinaeBC
15Crescent-chested PuffbirdMalacoptila striataE
16Brown-backed ParrotletTouit melanonotusE
17Plain ParakeetBrotogeris tiricaE
18Blue-bellied ParrotTriclaria malachitaceaE
19Red-tailed ParrotAmazona brasiliensisE
20Star-throated AntwrenRhopias gularisE
21Spot-breasted AntvireoDysithamnus stictothoraxNE
22Unicolored AntwrenMyrmotherula unicolorE
23Marsh AntwrenFormicivora acutirostrisE
24Ferruginous AntbirdDrymophila ferrugineaE
25Ochre-rumped AntbirdDrymophila ochropygaE
26Scaled AntbirdDrymophila squamataE
27Squamate AntbirdMyrmodenus squamosaE
28Black-cheeked GnateaterConopophaga melanopsE
29Spotted BamboowrenPsilorhamphus guttatusNE
30White-breasted TapaculoEleoscytalopus indigoticusE
31Such's AntthrushChamaeza meruloidesE
32White-collared Foliage-gleanerAnabazenops fuscusE
33Pale-browed TreehunterCichlocolaptes leucophrusE
34Pallid SpinetailCranioleuca pallidaE
35Pin-tailed ManakinIlicura militarisE
36Hooded BerryeaterCarpornis cucullataE
37Black-headed BerryeaterCarpornis melanocephalaE
38Cinnamon-vented PihaLipaugus lanioidesE
39Bare-throated BellbirdProcnias nudicollisBC
40Atlantic Royal-FlycatcherOnychorhynchus swainsoniE
41Russet-winged SpadebillPlatyrinchus leucoryphusBC
42Oustalet's TyrannuletPhylloscartes oustaletiE
43Restinga TyrannuletPhylloscartes kroneiE
44Sao Paulo Bristle-TyrantPogonotriccus paulistaNE
45Eye-ringed Tody-TyrantHemitriccus orbitatusE
46Hangnest Tody-TyrantHemitriccus nidipendulusE
47Gray-headed Tody-FlycatcherTodirostrum poliocephalumE
48Gray-capped TyrannuletPhyllomyias griseocapillaE
49Rufous-tailed AttilaAttila phoenicurusBC
50Gray-hooded AttilaAttila rufusE
51Long-billed WrenCantorchilus longirostrisE
52Half-collared SparrowArremon semitorquatusE
53Olive-green TanagerOrthogonys chloricterusE
54Brown TanagerOrchesticus abeilleiE
55Brazilian TanagerRamphocelus bresiliusE
56Azure-shouldered TanagerThraupis cyanopteraE
57Golden-chevroned TanagerThraupis ornataE
58Black-backed TanagerStilpnia peruvianaE
59Red-necked TanagerTangara cyanocephalaBC
60Brassy-breasted TanagerTangara desmarestiE
61Black-legged DacnisDacnis nigripesE
62Rufous-headed TanagerHemithraupis ruficapillaE
63Buff-throated Warbling FinchPoospiza lateralisE
64Temminck's SeedeaterSporophila falcirostrisNE
65Buffy-fronted SeedeaterSporophila frontalisNE
66Thick-billed SaltatorSaltator maxillosusNE


 *Nomenclature and taxonomic affinities are based on Clements 6th Edition published 2007 with updates through 2021 maintained by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, which relies largely on the AOU and SACC nomenclature committees. IUCN status may reflect splits not currently recognized by Clements.
**Species not accepted by Clements, AOU, or SACC that we recognize based on the IOC, field observations along with geographical separation, consensus opinions of field guide authors, and other sources. These species are potential splits in future Clements updates.