# Species*:220
# Excl Vagrants*:220
# Endemics*:1
# Near Endemics*:0
*Based on partial or incomplete data.
Habitat: Reservoir, fields, scrub


Bueng Boraphet is set aside as a non-hunting area with protected status. However, actual protections is weak and habitat degradation is considerable. The site is most famous for the last known siting of the now presumably extinct White-eyed River Martin. Birding is primarily by boat on the reservoir and certain less disturbed fields south of the reservoir. Birding is best done in early morning and late afternoon as the area gets very hot during mid-day. Best seasons are dry season when wintering birds are present, approximately November-March. However, notable birds such as Black Bittern and Spot-billed Pelican are only present during wet season.

While waterfowl numbers have declined due to disturbance, birding on the reservoir is still very good. Wintering waterfowl are generally present November-early March. Species include various migratory ducks including Garganey plus resident Cotton Pygmy-Goose and Lesser Whistling-Ducks. Waterfowl are best observed by boat as they can be quite far from the shore and hidden in Lotus beds.

Additional birding can be had by walking the 2½km loop trail from the parking area. Many skulking birds can be found in the thick reeds and scrub with some effort, notably Dusky Warbler and Black-browed Reed Warbler. Other interesting birds include Cinnamon Bittern, Yellow-bellied Prinia, Siberian Rubythroat, Baya Weaver, and Asian Golden Weaver. South of town one good area of fields that is usually left fallow during dry season can be checked for quail, buttonquail, and larks. These species were once common but are on the decline due to on-going agricultural disturbance. The north shore is more disturbed but is a good place to look for Oriental Darter, Oriental Pratincole, and Pied Kingfisher near the lake. The few trees and scrub habitat can be good for Spotted Owlet, Blue-tailed Bee-eater, Freckle-breasted Woodpecker, and Black-naped Oriole.


Bueng Boraphet is located just east of Nakhon Sawan in central Thailand. Nakhon Sawan is the provincial capital and lies on Highway 1 about 250km (3 hours) north of Bangkok.