Altitude (m):400
# Species:411
# Excl Vagrants:411
# Endemics:0
# Near Endemics:1
Habitat: Forest, hilltop


Chumpon is the best place in Thailand for watching the raptor migration. Some 25 species of raptors have been recorded there during fall migration, along with a variety of other species. Notable among those are white-throated Needletail,once thought to be rare in Thailand but have been recorded there in flocks of 30-40 individuals. The best time for visiting is late September through early November. A raptor festival is held there every October. Substantial numbers of raptors also migrate through in spring, though in lesser numbers and with less diversity than in autumn. Best time in spring is from mid-March through early April. The best observation site is on Khao Dinsor, approximately 25km northeast of Chumphon. Getting to the observaton platform is a 45-min walk to the top from the car park.

In addition to raptor watching, the area around Chumphon has some other birding opportunities. A bota trip out to the mangroves at the river mouth is the best place to look for the very rare Pale-capped Pigeon along with various waders and Pink-necked Pigeon. The municipal park in town is a good place to look for starlings going to roost in late afternoon.


The town of Chumphon is located in southern Thailand about 463km (288 miles) from Bangkok. The town lies just inland from the west coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Raptor watching is from the top of a local hill, Khao Dinsor, which is near the town of Pathiu about 25km from Chumphon along Highway 4 (the main north-south highway).