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The Yaring Mangrove Biological Station is located in a largely muslim district of southern Thailand and has been plagued by attacks from local terrorists. As a result, few birders visit the site. Those who do visit encounter a vibrant region, albeit with a heavy military presence and many checkpoints, and the possibility of seeing some otherwise difficult to find birds. Precautions are necessary if one visits, namely do not bring attention to oneself, do not photograph local people or security forces, and have someone watch the vehicle while out birding as it's possible for an insurgent to attach a bomb to unattended vehicles from other provinces. Birding at the research station is mainly along the road and on several boardwalks in the reserve. The primary reason to visit for birders is the chance to see Mangrove Blue Flycatcher, fairly common but present in only small numbers at Yaring but difficult elsewhere. Yaring is also one of the better places to find the rare Lesser Adjutant, best seen feeding on the mudflats at low tide or roosting in the tops of trees in late afternoon. An occasional winter visitor is the scarce Schrenk's Bittern during winter. Other interesting birds that are relatively common include Pink-necked Pigeon, Streak-breasted Woodpecker, Common Flameback, Mangrove-Whistler, Olive-winged Bulbul, and Ashy Tailorbird. Possible but less likely are the range restricted Little Bronze-Cuckoo and Chestnut-bellied Malkoha. The best birding is the first couple hours in early morning or during late afternoon.


The Yaring Mangrove Biological Station is located about 40km south of Pattani in southern Thailand. It's about 1km from the town of Yaring.