# Species:147
# Excl Vagrants:147
# Endemics:7
# Near Endemics:2


The table below lists species recorded at this locale but does not indicate frequency of occurrence there. It does indicate whether each species is globally threatened or endangered according to the IUCN and also whether it is migratory, very rare, or accidental in the country. The list is based on available data and may be incomplete.*

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Ducks: Anatidae

1Wandering Whistling-DuckDendrocygna arcuata
2Sunda TealAnas gibberifrons

Pheasants, Grouse, and Allies: Phasianidae

3Red JunglefowlGallus gallus
4Blue-breasted QuailSynoicus chinensis

Pigeons and Doves: Columbidae

5Rock PigeonColumba livia
6Sunda Collared-DoveStreptopelia bitorquata
7Spotted DoveSpilopelia chinensis
8Asian Emerald DoveChalcophaps indica
9Zebra DoveGeopelia striata
10Little Green-PigeonTreron olax
11Pink-necked Green-PigeonTreron vernans
12Pink-headed Fruit-DovePtilinopus porphyreus
13Pied Imperial-PigeonDucula bicolor

Cuckoos: Cuculidae

14Lesser CoucalCentropus bengalensis
15Asian KoelEudynamys scolopaceus
16\Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo\Chrysococcyx basalis
17Plaintive CuckooCacomantis merulinus
18Brush CuckooCacomantis variolosus

Nightjars and Allies: Caprimulgidae

19Savanna NightjarCaprimulgus affinis

Swifts: Apodidae

20Cave SwiftletCollocalia linchi
21Mossy-nest SwiftletAerodramus salangana
22Black-nest SwiftletAerodramus maximus
23White-nest SwiftletAerodramus fuciphagus
24House SwiftApus nipalensis
25Asian Palm SwiftCypsiurus balasiensis

Treeswifts: Hemiprocnidae

26Gray-rumped TreeswiftHemiprocne longipennis

Rails, Gallinules, and Coots: Rallidae

27Slaty-breasted RailLewinia striatus
28Eurasian MoorhenGallinula chloropus
29White-browed CrakePoliolimnas cinerea
30White-breasted WaterhenAmaurornis phoenicurus
31Ruddy-breasted CrakeZapornia fusca

Stilts and Avocets: Recurvirostridae

32Pied StiltHimantopus leucocephalus

Plovers and Lapwings: Charadriidae

33Black-bellied PloverPluvialis squatarola
34Pacific Golden-PloverPluvialis fulva
35Little Ringed PloverCharadrius dubius
36Siberian Sand-PloverAnarhynchus mongolus
37Greater Sand-PloverAnarhynchus leschenaultii
38Malaysian PloverAnarhynchus peronii
39Javan PloverAnarhynchus javanicus
40Kentish PloverAnarhynchus alexandrinus

Sandpipers and Allies: Scolopacidae

41WhimbrelNumenius phaeopus
42Eurasian CurlewNumenius arquata
43Terek SandpiperXenus cinereus
44Common SandpiperActitis hypoleucos
45/Gray-tailed Tattler/Tringa brevipes
46Marsh SandpiperTringa stagnatilis
47Wood SandpiperTringa glareola
48Common RedshankTringa totanus
49Common GreenshankTringa nebularia
50RuffCalidris pugnax
51Sharp-tailed SandpiperCalidris acuminata
52Long-toed StintCalidris subminuta
53Red-necked StintCalidris ruficollis

Buttonquail: Turnicidae

54Barred ButtonquailTurnix suscitator
55Small ButtonquailTurnix sylvaticus

Pratincoles and Coursers: Glareolidae

56Oriental PratincoleGlareola maldivarum

Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers: Laridae

57Little TernSternula albifrons
58Gull-billed TernGelochelidon nilotica
59White-winged TernChlidonias leucopterus
60Common TernSterna hirundo
61Black-naped TernSterna sumatrana
62Lesser Crested TernThalasseus bengalensis
63Great Crested TernThalasseus bergii

Storks: Ciconiidae

64Asian Woolly-necked StorkCiconia episcopus
65Lesser AdjutantLeptoptilos javanicus
66Milky StorkMycteria cinerea

Frigatebirds: Fregatidae

67Lesser FrigatebirdFregata ariel
68Christmas Island FrigatebirdFregata andrewsi

Anhingas: Anhingidae

69Oriental DarterAnhinga melanogaster

Cormorants and Shags: Phalacrocoracidae

70Little CormorantMicrocarbo niger
71Little Black CormorantPhalacrocorax sulcirostris

Herons, Egrets, and Bitterns: Ardeidae

72Black BitternIxobrychus flavicollis
73Cinnamon BitternIxobrychus cinnamomeus
74Yellow BitternIxobrychus sinensis
75Black-crowned Night HeronNycticorax nycticorax
76Nankeen Night HeronNycticorax caledonicus
77Pacific Reef-HeronEgretta sacra
78Little EgretEgretta garzetta
79Striated HeronButorides striata
80Javan Pond-HeronArdeola speciosa
81Eastern Cattle EgretBubulcus coromandus
82Great EgretArdea alba
83Medium EgretArdea intermedia
84Gray HeronArdea cinerea
85Purple HeronArdea purpurea
86Great-billed HeronArdea sumatrana

Ibises and Spoonbills: Threskiornithidae

87Glossy IbisPlegadis falcinellus
88Black-headed IbisThreskiornis melanocephalus

Osprey: Pandionidae

89OspreyPandion haliaetus

Hawks, Eagles, and Kites: Accipitridae

90Black-winged KiteElanus caeruleus
91Gray-faced BuzzardButastur indicus
92Black KiteMilvus migrans
93Brahminy KiteHaliastur indus
94White-bellied Sea-EagleIcthyophaga leucogaster

Owls: Strigidae

95Brown BoobookNinox scutulata

Kingfishers: Alcedinidae

96Common KingfisherAlcedo atthis
97Blue-eared KingfisherAlcedo meninting
98Small Blue KingfisherAlcedo coerulescens
99Rufous-backed Dwarf-KingfisherCeyx rufidorsa
100Stork-billed KingfisherPelargopsis capensis
101Black-capped KingfisherHalcyon pileata
102Sacred KingfisherTodiramphus sanctus
103Collared KingfisherTodiramphus chloris

Bee-eaters: Meropidae

104Blue-tailed Bee-eaterMerops philippinus

Asian Barbets: Megalaimidae

105Coppersmith BarbetPsilopogon haemacephalus

Woodpeckers: Picidae

106Sunda Pygmy WoodpeckerYungipicus moluccensis
107Freckle-breasted WoodpeckerDendrocopos analis
108Common FlamebackDinopium javanense
109Crimson-winged WoodpeckerPicus puniceus
110Laced WoodpeckerPicus vittatus

Falcons and Caracaras: Falconidae

111Spotted KestrelFalco moluccensis
112Peregrine FalconFalco peregrinus

Thornbills and Allies: Acanthizidae

113Golden-bellied GerygoneGerygone sulphurea

Old World Orioles: Oriolidae

114Black-naped OrioleOriolus chinensis

Woodswallows, Bellmagpies, and Allies: Artamidae

115White-breasted WoodswallowArtamus leucorynchus

Ioras: Aegithinidae

116Common IoraAegithina tiphia

Fantails: Rhipiduridae

117Malaysian Pied-FantailRhipidura javanica

Crows, Jays, and Magpies: Corvidae

118Large-billed CrowCorvus macrorhynchos

Cisticolas and Allies: Cisticolidae

119Common TailorbirdOrthotomus sutorius
120Ashy TailorbirdOrthotomus ruficeps
121Brown PriniaPrinia polychroa
122Bar-winged PriniaPrinia familiaris
123Yellow-bellied PriniaPrinia flaviventris
124Plain PriniaPrinia inornata
125Zitting CisticolaCisticola juncidis
126Golden-headed CisticolaCisticola exilis

Reed Warblers and Allies: Acrocephalidae

127Oriental Reed WarblerAcrocephalus orientalis
128Clamorous Reed WarblerAcrocephalus stentoreus

Grassbirds and Allies: Locustellidae

129Pallas's Grasshopper WarblerHelopsaltes certhiola
130Striated GrassbirdMegalurus palustris

Swallows: Hirundinidae

131Pacific SwallowHirundo tahitica
132Barn SwallowHirundo rustica
133Striated SwallowCecropis striolata

Bulbuls: Pycnonotidae

134Yellow-vented BulbulPycnonotus goiavier

Long-tailed Tits: Aegithalidae

135Pygmy TitAegithalos exilis

White-eyes, Yuhinas, and Allies: Zosteropidae

136Javan White-eyeZosterops flavus

Flowerpeckers: Dicaeidae

137Orange-bellied FlowerpeckerDicaeum trigonostigma
138Scarlet-headed FlowerpeckerDicaeum trochileum

Sunbirds and Spiderhunters: Nectariniidae

139Brown-throated SunbirdAnthreptes malacensis
140Ornate SunbirdCinnyris ornatus

Weavers and Allies: Ploceidae

141Streaked WeaverPloceus manyar
142Baya WeaverPloceus philippinus

Waxbills and Allies: Estrildidae

143Javan MuniaLonchura leucogastroides
144Scaly-breasted MuniaLonchura punctulata
145White-headed MuniaLonchura maja
146Red AvadavatAmandava amandava

Old World Sparrows: Passeridae

147Eurasian Tree SparrowPasser montanus


 *Nomenclature and taxonomic affinities are based on Clements 6th Edition published 2007 with updates through 2021 maintained by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, which relies largely on the AOU and SACC nomenclature committees. IUCN status may reflect splits not currently recognized by Clements.
**Species not accepted by Clements, AOU, or SACC that we recognize based on the IOC, field observations along with geographical separation, consensus opinions of field guide authors, and other sources. These species are potential splits in future Clements updates.



//Boreal Visitor1
\\Austral Visitor1
##Non-breeding Dispersal0
()Breeding Season Only0


NTNear Threatened9
CRCritically Endangered0

Species counts in code tables depend on completeness of the data. For some countries or locales, data may not include all species or information on species presence may be incomplete.