Duration:19 days
#Heard Only:0

2019 Ethiopia Scouting Trip

List of target birds for locations visited on this tour along with which target species were acually seen. Target birds are those we can see only at one or two sites or are range-restricted, endemic, or near endemic in the country. The location column indicates where species was seen on the tour. If blank, the species wasn't seen. A separate target list can be viewed for each location by clicking its sidebar link.*

color codes

1Blue-winged GooseCyanochen cyanopteraASADS,BMNP
2Moorland FrancolinScleroptera psilolaemusUSBMNP
3Chestnut-naped FrancolinPternistis castaneicollisUSBMNP
4Erckel's FrancolinPternistis erckeliiUSADS
5Clapperton's FrancolinPternistis clappertoniOS 
6Harwood's FrancolinPternistis harwoodiUSADS
7White-collared PigeonColumba albitorquesASADS,BMNP,KR
8Arabian BustardArdeotis arabsUSANP,AWR
9White-cheeked TuracoTauraco leucotisSSBMNP,WG
10Prince Ruspoli's TuracoTauraco ruspoliiUSXFR5
11Blue-headed CoucalCentropus monachusUSLA
12Donaldson-Smith's NightjarCaprimulgus donaldsoniSS 
13Star-spotted NightjarCaprimulgus stellatus  
14Rouget's RailRougetius rougetiiUSBMNP
15Spot-breasted LapwingVanellus melanocephalusUSBMNP
16Somali CourserCursorius somalensisSS 
17Wattled IbisBostrychia carunculataUSADS,BMNP,LH
18Cape Eagle-OwlBubo capensisSSBMNP,XFR5
19Grayish Eagle-OwlBubo cinerascensSSASNP,LL
20Verreaux's Eagle-OwlBubo lacteusSSLL
21Abyssinian OwlAsio abyssinicusSSBMNP
22Yellow-breasted BarbetTrachyphonus margaritatusUSAWR,XFR1,XFR2
23Red-fronted TinkerbirdPogoniulus pusillusSSLH
24Banded BarbetLybius undatusUSLA,LH,WG
25Rufous-necked WryneckJynx ruficollisSSLA,LH
26Abyssinian WoodpeckerDendropicos abyssinicusSSADS
27Black-winged LovebirdAgapornis tarantaUSLH,WG
28Yellow-fronted ParrotPoicephalus flavifronsSSWG
29Ethiopian Black-headed OrioleOriolus monachaSSWG,YA
30Red-naped BushshrikeLaniarius ruficepsUSYA
31Ethiopian BoubouLaniarius aethiopicusUSANP,LH
32Somali FiscalLanius somalicusUSANP
33Stresemann's Bush-CrowZavattariornis stresemanniASYA
34Red-billed ChoughPyrrhocorax pyrrhocoraxUSBMNP
35Somali CrowCorvus edithaeUSXFR5
36White-winged Black-TitMelaniparus leucomelasSSASNP
37White-shouldered Black-TitMelaniparus guineensisUSLH
38White-backed Black-TitMelaniparus leuconotusUSBMNP
39Somali TitMelaniparus thruppiUSYA
40Liben LarkHeteromirafra archeriOS 
41Red-winged LarkMirafra hypermetraSS 
42Gillett's LarkMirafra gillettiOS 
43Somali Short-toed LarkAlaudala somalicaSS 
44Masked LarkSpizocorys personataRS 
45Yellow-vented EremomelaEremomela flavicrissalisSSYA
46Ethiopian CisticolaCisticola lugubrisSSADS
47Red-chested SwallowHirundo lucidaSS 
48White-tailed SwallowHirundo megaensisUSYA
49Abyssinian CatbirdSylvia galinieriUSBMNP
50Banded ParisomaCurruca boehmiSSYA
51Brown ParisomaCurruca lugensSS 
52Menetries's WarblerCurruca mystaceaOS 
53White-billed StarlingOnychognathus albirostrisSSADS
54Bristle-crowned StarlingOnychognathus salvadoriiUSXFR2,YA
55Magpie StarlingSpeculipastor bicolorOS 
56Sharpe's StarlingPholia sharpiiSS 
57Shelley's StarlingLamprotornis shelleyiUSYA
58White-crowned StarlingLamprotornis albicapillusUSYA
59Abyssinian Ground-ThrushGeokichla piaggiaeSSWG
60Abyssinian Slaty-FlycatcherMelaenornis chocolatinusSSHF
61Black Scrub-RobinCercotrichas podobeUSAWR,XFR2
62Moorland ChatPinarochroa sordidaASADS
63White-winged Cliff-ChatThamnolaea semirufaUSADS
64Rueppell's ChatMyrmecocichla melaenaUSADS
65Red-breasted WheatearOenanthe bottaeSSADS
66Nile Valley SunbirdHedydipna metallicaSSANP
67Black-capped Social-WeaverPseudonigrita cabanisiUSYA
68Salvadori's WeaverPloceus dichrocephalusSS 
69Compact WeaverPachyphantes superciliosusUSYA
70Abyssinian CrimsonwingCryptospiza salvadoriiSS 
71Red-billed PytiliaPytilia lineataSSLA
72Shelley's Rufous SparrowPasser shelleyiUSYA
73Sahel Bush SparrowGymnornis dentataSSJV
74Abyssinian LongclawMacronyx flavicollisUSBMNP
75White-rumped SeedeaterCrithagra leucopygiusSSBMNP,XFR5
76Yellow-throated SerinCrithagra flavigulaSSKR
77Salvadori's SerinCrithagra xantholaemusSS 
78Northern Grosbeak-CanaryCrithagra donaldsoniUSYA
79Brown-rumped SeedeaterCrithagra tristriatusUSBMNP,DL,LH
80Ethiopian SiskinSerinus nigricepsUSADS,SP

 * Nomenclature and taxonomic affinities are based on Clements 6th Edition published 2007 with updates through 2021 maintained by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, which relies largely on the AOU and SACC nomenclature committees. IUCN status may reflect splits not currently recognized by Clements.
** Species not accepted by Clements, AOU, or SACC that we recognize based on the IOC, field observations along with geographical separation, consensus opinions of field guide authors, and other sources. These species are potential splits in future Clements updates.


  • Abidjiata Shalla National Park (ASNP)
  • Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve (AWR)
  • Ankober-Debre Sina Escarpment & Gemessa Gedel (ADS)
  • Awash National Park (ANP)
  • Bale Mountain National Park (BMNP)
  • Debre Libanos & Ethno-German Lodge (DL)
  • Harenna Forest (HF)
  • Jemma Valley (JV)
  • Kesem River (KR)
  • Lake Awassa & Awassa Town (LA)
  • Lake Hora (LH)
  • Lake Ligano (LL)
  • Lakes Hora, Chelekleka, and Bishoftu (BL)
  • Liben Plain and Negele (LPNA)
  • Sululta Plains (SP)
  • Transfer to Addis Ababa from highlands (XFR3)
  • Transfer to Awash (XFR1)
  • Transfer to/from Aledeghi (XFR2)
  • Transfer to/from Bale (XFR5)
  • Transfer to/from Lake Ziway (XFR4)
  • Transfer to/from Yabelo (XFR6)
  • Wondo Genet (WG)
  • Yabello Area (YA)
  • Ziway and Koka Lakes (ZKL)


//Boreal Visitor
\\Austral Visitor
##Non-breeding Dispersal
()Breeding Season Only


ASAlways Seen
USUsually Seen
SSSometimes Seen
OSOccasionally Seen
RSRarely Seen