Tour Itinerary


Duration:29 days, 28 nights
Group Size:2-6
Anytime Price:10,200
Group Price:$9400
Single Suppl:$600
Est #Species:675-725
* This tour is available for any dates of your choosing provided guide services and accommodations are available.
1Arrive Santa Cruz de la Sierra.NoneHotel in Santa Cruz
2Birding Lomas de Arena and Botanical Gardens.BLDHotel in Santa Cruz
3Early morning flight to Trinidad followed by afternoon flight to Riberalta. Late afternoon birding near Riberalta.BLDHotel in Riberalta
4All day Riberalta.BLDHotel in Riberalta
5All day transfer to Sadiri Lodge (12.5 hours).BLDSadiri Lodge
6All day Sadiri Lodge.BLDSadiri Lodge
7Morning transfer to Trinidad. Afternoon gallery forest outside Trinidad.BLDHotel in Trinidad
8Early morning birding outside Trinidad if time permits. Charter flight to Barba Azul. Afternoon birding there.BLDBarba Azul Lodge
9All day Barba Azul for Blue-throated Macaw.BLDBarba Azul Lodge
10All day Barba Azul.BLDBarba Azul Lodge
11Morning charter flight to Trinidad. Afternoon flight to Santa Cruz.BLDHotel in Santa Cruz
12Morning transfer to Refugio Los Volcanes near Bermejo. Afternoon birding Los Volcanes.BLDRefugio Los Volcanes Ecolodge
13All day Los Volcanes.BLDRefugio Los Volcanes Ecolodge
14Morning Los Volcanes. Afternoon transfer to Samaipata, birding stops en route.BLDHotel in Samaipata
15Depart early to visit Quirusillas at higher elevation. Late afternoon transfer to Perereta.BLDArmonia Lodge in Perereta
16Morning Red-fronted Macaw cliffs. After breakfast transfer to Comorapa. Afternoon birding Siberia cloud forest.BLDHotel in Comorapa
17All day Siberia cloud forest/Comarapa Yungas.BLDHotel in Comarapa
18All day transfer to Cochabamba, birding en route.BLDHotel in Cochabamba
19All day birding upper Chapara Road area.BLDHotel in Cochabamba
20All day birding lower Chapare Road area.BLDHotel in Cochabamba
21Morning birding Cerro Tunari. Mid afternoon Laguna Alalay in Cochabamba. Early evening flight from Cochabamba to La Paz.BLDHotel in La Paz
22Morning Sorata road and town. Afternoon Lake Titicaca.BLDHotel in La Paz
23All day Coroico Road.BLDHotel in Coroico
24All day Coroico Road.BLDHotel in La Paz
25All day long drive to Apolo.BLDHotel in Apolo
26All day Apolo-Bolivian cerrado toward Aten.BLDHotel in Apolo
27All day Apolo-Machariapo dry forest.BLDHotel in Apolo
28Early morning Apolo Yungas. Rest of day transfer to La Paz, arriving evening.BLDHotel in La Paz
29Tour ends at the airport. Flight home.BNone