# Species:295
# Excl Vagrants:295
# Endemics:1
# Near Endemics:57
Habitat: Middle-high elevation forest, coffee fincas


List of target species we particularly want to see at this site because we have limited or no chance of seeing them elsewhere on tour, because they are range-restricted or endemic, or because they're rarely seen anywhere but are possible at the site.*

color codes

1Black GuanChamaepetes unicolorSS
2Buff-fronted Quail-DoveZentrygon costaricensisOS
3Dusky NightjarAntrostomus saturatusOS
4Fiery-throated HummingbirdPanterpe insignisSS
5White-bellied Mountain-gemLampornis hemileucusSS
6Purple-throated Mountain-gemLampornis calolaemusSS
7White-throated Mountain-gemLampornis castaneoventrisUS
8Magenta-throated WoodstarPhilodice bryantaeOS
9Volcano HummingbirdSelasphorus flammulaSS
10Scintillant HummingbirdSelasphorus scintillaUS
11Stripe-tailed HummingbirdEupherusa eximiaSS
12White-tailed EmeraldElvira chionuraSS
13Snowy-bellied HummingbirdAmazilia edwardSS
14Resplendent QuetzalPharomachrus mocinnoUS
15Prong-billed BarbetSemnornis frantziiSS
16Fiery-billed AracariPteroglossus frantziiSS
17Sulphur-winged ParakeetPyrrhura hoffmanniSS
18Silvery-fronted TapaculoScytalopus argentifronsOS
19Spot-crowned WoodcreeperLepidocolaptes affinisUS
20Buffy TuftedcheekPseudocolaptes lawrenciiSS
21Streak-breasted TreehunterThripadectes rufobrunneusSS
22Ruddy TreerunnerMargarornis rubiginosusOS
23Bare-necked UmbrellabirdCephalopterus glabricollisRS
24Turquoise CotingaCotinga ridgwayiOS
25(Three-wattled Bellbird)Procnias tricarunculatusOS
26Mountain ElaeniaElaenia frantziiUS
27Dark PeweeContopus lugubrisSS
28Ochraceous PeweeContopus ochraceusOS
29Black-capped FlycatcherEmpidonax atricepsSS
30Golden-bellied FlycatcherMyiodynastes hemichrysusSS
31Yellow-winged VireoVireo carmioliUS
32Silvery-throated JayCyanolyca argentigulaOS
33Black-faced SolitaireMyadestes melanopsSS
34Black-billed Nightingale-ThrushCatharus gracilirostrisSS
35Orange-billed Nightingale-ThrushCatharus aurantiirostrisSS
36Mountain ThrushTurdus plebejusUS
37Sooty ThrushTurdus nigrescensSS
38Black-and-yellow Silky-flycatcherPhainoptila melanoxanthaSS
39Long-tailed Silky-flycatcherPtiliogonys caudatusUS
40Elegant EuphoniaEuphonia elegantissimaSS
41Spot-crowned EuphoniaEuphonia imitansOS
42Volcano JuncoJunco vulcaniOS
43Large-footed FinchPezopetes capitalisSS
44Yellow-thighed BrushfinchAtlapetes tibialisAS
45Flame-throated WarblerOreothlypis gutturalisUS
46Black-cheeked WarblerBasileuterus melanogenysUS
47Collared RedstartMyioborus torquatusUS
48WrenthrushZeledonia coronataOS
49Black-thighed GrosbeakPheucticus tibialisOS
50Spangle-cheeked TanagerTangara dowiiSS
51Slaty FlowerpiercerDiglossa plumbeaSS

 * Nomenclature and taxonomic affinities are based on Clements 6th Edition published 2007 with updates through September 2014 maintained by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, which relies largely on the AOU and SACC nomenclature committees. IUCN status may reflect splits not currently recognized by Clements.
** Species not accepted by Clements, AOU, or SACC that we recognize based on the IOC, field observations along with geographical separation, consensus opinions of field guide authors, and other sources. These species are potential splits in future Clements updates.


//Boreal Visitor
\\Austral Visitor
##Non-breeding Dispersal
()Breeding Season Only


ASAlways Seen
USUsually Seen
SSSometimes Seen
OSOccasionally Seen
RSRarely Seen