Tour Accommodations


Duration:10 days, 9 nights
Group Size:2-8
Anytime Price:$5050
Group Price:$4740
Single Suppl:$300
Est #Species:270-300
* This tour is available for any dates of your choosing provided guide services and accommodations are available.


Cara Lodge dining room in Georgetown, GuyanaCara Lodge is perhaps the finest hotel in Georgetown. Originally the governor's mansion during colonial days, the two buildings now serve as a hotel in the city. It features a full restaurant and bar, international telephone service, internet access, and a comfortable outdoor courtyard where guests relax and socialize at tables around a 60-year-old mango tree. The lodge is fully secured behind iron gates to provide security for guests. Rooms are in the old colonial style with polished wooden floors, Demerara shutters over the windows, air conditioning, double or twin beds, and private bath with hot-water showers. Standard rooms are located in the older building and are adequate but rather basic. Executive rooms offer nicer furnishings with the finest kufa furniture. They feature king or queen beds, are also air-conditioned and brightly lit, and are accessed from the balcony walkway overlooking the interior Mango Tree courtyard. We consider them much more comfortable for a nominally higher price so we provide them to participants on our tour.


Dining room at Iwokrama Field Station in GuyanaIwokrama Field Station is located on the banks of the Essequibo River not far off the main dirt road transecting the country on the northern edge of the reserve. Scientists at the field station specialize in sustainable harvesting of timber in the forest and other research activities. The harvest program is designed to extract valuable timber without damaging the forest and has been a model for good forest management practices in tropical rainforests. The field station features a large open-air but covered dining area where guests enjoy excellent meals with abundant food served buffet-style. Cold beer is usually available upon request. Guest accommodations consist of comfortable, private, wood-frame bungalows with thatched roofs. Each bungalow features twin beds, ceiling fans, a private porch, mosquito netting over the beds for protection from insects at night, private bath, and cool-water showers.


Atta Rainforest Lodge is located in the southern section of Iwokrama Forest Reserve near the canopy walkway. It is accessed by the main dirt road either from Iwokrama Field Station or from Rock View, as it is mid-way between. The lodge features an open-air restaurant and bar with very slow internet access available upon request. The meals are excellent. The lodge was a hammock camp until August 2009 when private cabins were finally completed.


Cabana at Karanambu in GuyanaKaranambu is a large ranch located in the Rupununi Savanna. It was established in the 1920's by Tiny McTurk. The lodge operation was established by Diane McTurk in the early 1980's and was one of the first to encourage tourism to the interior of Guyana. Diane is internationally recognized for her conservation efforts and her work in rescuing orphaned Giant and Neotropical Otters. Lodge buildings are located near the Rupununi River and can be reached by motorboat, commercial flights that land at the public airstrip not far away, or by land via 4-wheel-drive road. The lodge offers comfortable accommodations for guests, with an open air but covered dining area/lounge where guests enjoy excellent meals, relax, and socialize. Open savanna, forest patches, riverine forest, and the river itself offer excellent birding on and near the lodge property. The private cabanas are built of red brick and covered with thatched roofs. Rooms are well ventilated and cooled by breezes off the Rupununi River. Mosquito netting draped over the beds provide protection from insects during the night. Cabanas feature twin beds, private bath, and cool-water showers.



Tour price does not include meals in Georgetown. Price is $500 lower if choosing to stay at nearby Cairns House instead of Karanambu Lodge.


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