Duration:13 days
#Heard Only:1

2014 Tanzania Birding & Mammal Safari

List of target birds for locations visited on this tour along with which target species were acually seen. Target birds are those we can see only at one or two sites or are range-restricted, endemic, or near endemic in the country. The location column indicates where species was seen on the tour. If blank, the species wasn't seen. A separate target list can be viewed for each location by clicking its sidebar link.*

color codes

1Maccoa DuckOxyura maccoaSS 
2Gray-breasted FrancolinPternistis rufopictusASNDU,SB,SNP
3Red-necked FrancolinPternistis aferASTGNP
4Great Crested GrebePodiceps cristatusSS 
5Schalow's TuracoTauraco schalowiUSNGC
6Hartlaub's TuracoTauraco hartlaubiSSANP
7Abyssinian NightjarCaprimulgus poliocephalusSS 
8Scarce SwiftSchoutedenapus myoptilusSS 
9Black-winged LapwingVanellus melanopterusUSSNP
10Chestnut-banded PloverCharadrius pallidusUSNDU
11Ayres's Hawk-EagleHieraaetus ayresiiOS 
12Verreaux's Eagle-OwlBubo lacteusSSTGNP
13Cinnamon-chested Bee-eaterMerops oreobatesUSANP
14White-eared BarbetStactolaema leucotisUSANP
15Green-backed HoneyguideProdotiscus zambesiaeOSGF
16Yellow-collared LovebirdAgapornis personatusASTGNP
17Red-fronted ParrotPoicephalus gulielmiSS 
18African BroadbillSmithornis capensisOS 
19Purple-throated CuckooshrikeCampephaga quiscalinaRS 
20Gray-crested HelmetshrikePrionops poliolophus  
21Marsh TchagraTchagra minutusSS 
22Black-headed GonolekLaniarius erythrogasterUSSB
23Cape CrowCorvus capensisUSNGC
24White-tailed Blue FlycatcherElminia albicaudaUSGF
25Red-throated TitMelaniparus fringillinusSSNDU
26Beesley's LarkChersomanes beesleyiUSAA
27Pink-breasted LarkCalendulauda poecilosternaSS 
28Somali Short-toed LarkAlaudala somalicaUSAA
29Brown-headed ApalisApalis alticolaUSGF
30Red-winged PriniaPrinia erythropteraOS 
31Hunter's CisticolaCisticola hunteriUSNGC
32Rock-loving CisticolaCisticola aberransSS 
33Wailing CisticolaCisticola laisRS 
34African Yellow-WarblerIduna natalensisSS 
35Mountain Yellow-WarblerIduna similisUSNGC
36Stripe-cheeked GreenbulArizelocichla milanjensisUSGF
37Brown Woodland-WarblerPhylloscopus umbrovirensSS 
38Brown ParisomaCurruca lugensSS 
39Northern Pied-BabblerTurdoides hypoleucaUSTGNP
40Sharpe's StarlingPholia sharpiiSS 
41Kenrick's StarlingPoeoptera kenrickiOS 
42Ashy StarlingLamprotornis unicolorASTGNP
43Swamp FlycatcherMuscicapa aquaticaUSSB
44Rueppell's Robin-ChatCossypha semirufaSSGF,TTL
45Moorland ChatPinarochroa sordidaRSNGC
46Sooty ChatMyrmecocichla nigraOS 
47Northern Anteater-ChatMyrmecocichla aethiopsUSNGC,SNP
48Tacazze SunbirdNectarinia tacazzeUSNGC
49Malachite SunbirdNectarinia famosaSS 
50Golden-winged SunbirdDrepanorhynchus reichenowiUSNGC
51Red-chested SunbirdCinnyris erythrocercusUSSB
52Rufous-tailed WeaverHisturgops ruficaudaASNGC,TGNP
53Slender-billed WeaverPloceus pelzelniUSSB
54Taveta Golden-WeaverPloceus castaneicepsUS 
55Northern Brown-throated WeaverPloceus castanopsUSSB
56Black BishopEuplectes gierowiiSSSB
57Jackson's WidowbirdEuplectes jacksoniUS 
58African SilverbillEuodice cantansOS 
59Abyssinian CrimsonwingCryptospiza salvadoriiOS 
60Gray-headed NegritaNigrita canicapillusSS 
61Peters's TwinspotHypargos niveoguttatusOS 
62Jameson's FirefinchLagonosticta rhodopareiaRS 
63Long-billed PipitAnthus similisOSNDU
64Pangani LongclawMacronyx aurantiigulaSS 
65Rosy-throated LongclawMacronyx ameliaeSS 
66Thick-billed SeedeaterCrithagra burtoniUSGF
67Yellow-crowned CanarySerinus flavivertexSS 

 * Nomenclature and taxonomic affinities are based on Clements 6th Edition published 2007 with updates through 2021 maintained by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, which relies largely on the AOU and SACC nomenclature committees. IUCN status may reflect splits not currently recognized by Clements.
** Species not accepted by Clements, AOU, or SACC that we recognize based on the IOC, field observations along with geographical separation, consensus opinions of field guide authors, and other sources. These species are potential splits in future Clements updates.



//Boreal Visitor
\\Austral Visitor
##Non-breeding Dispersal
()Breeding Season Only


ASAlways Seen
USUsually Seen
SSSometimes Seen
OSOccasionally Seen
RSRarely Seen