Duration:7 days
#Heard Only:7

2014 Northeastern Tanzania Birding Scouting Trip

List of target birds for locations visited on this tour along with which target species were acually seen. Target birds are those we can see only at one or two sites or are range-restricted, endemic, or near endemic in the country. The location column indicates where species was seen on the tour. If blank, the species wasn't seen. A separate target list can be viewed for each location by clicking its sidebar link.*

color codes

1Vulturine GuineafowlAcryllium vulturinumUS 
2Fischer's TuracoTauraco fischeriUS 
3Hartlaub's TuracoTauraco hartlaubiSSWUM
4\Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo\Cercococcyx montanusOS 
5Scarce SwiftSchoutedenapus myoptilusSSEUM
6Olive IbisBostrychia olivaceaRS 
7Fasciated Snake-EagleCircaetus fasciolatusOSEUM
8Ayres's Hawk-EagleHieraaetus ayresiiOSEUM
9Sokoke Scops-OwlOtus ireneaeRS 
10Usambara Eagle-OwlBubo vosseleriRS 
11White-headed MousebirdColius leucocephalusSSSPM
12White-eared BarbetStactolaema leucotisUSEUM,WUM
13Green BarbetStactolaema olivaceaUSEUM
14Green TinkerbirdPogoniulus simplexSS 
15Green-backed HoneyguideProdotiscus zambesiaeSSEUM
16Pallid HoneyguideIndicator meliphilusSSWUM
17Mombasa WoodpeckerCampethera mombassicaUSEUM
18African BroadbillSmithornis capensisOS 
19Green-headed OrioleOriolus chlorocephalusUSEUM
20Short-tailed BatisBatis mixtaUSWUM
21Pale BatisBatis sororSS 
22Western Black-headed BatisBatis erlangeriSS 
23Chestnut-fronted HelmetshrikePrionops scopifronsSS 
24Black-and-white Shrike-flycatcherBias musicusOS 
25Pringle's PuffbackDryoscopus pringliiUSSPM
26Three-streaked TchagraTchagra jamesiOSSPM
27Zanzibar BoubouLaniarius sublacteusSS 
28Fuelleborn's BoubouLaniarius fuelleborniUSWUM
29Rosy-patched BushshrikeRhodophoneus cruentusUSSPM
30African Crested-FlycatcherTrochocercus cyanomelasUS 
31Usambara HyliotaHyliota usambaraRS 
32Mouse-colored Penduline-TitAnthoscopus musculusSSSPM
33Eastern NicatorNicator gularisRSEUM
34Kretschmer's LongbillMacrosphenus kretschmeriSS 
35African TailorbirdArtisornis metopiasRSWUM
36Long-billed TailorbirdArtisornis moreauiOS 
37Bar-throated ApalisApalis thoracicaUSWUM
38Ashy CisticolaCisticola cinereolusUSMKNP
39Tiny CisticolaCisticola nanaSSSPM
40Shelley's GreenbulArizelocichla masukuensisUSEUM,WUM
41Stripe-cheeked GreenbulArizelocichla milanjensisUSEUM,WUM
42Fischer's GreenbulPhyllastrephus fischeriRSEUM
43Yellow-streaked GreenbulPhyllastrephus flavostriatusSSWUM
44Yellow-throated Woodland-WarblerPhylloscopus ruficapillaUSWUM
45Yellow FlycatcherErythrocercus holochlorusSS 
46South Pare White-eyeZosterops winifredaeSS 
47Pale-breasted IlladopsisIlladopsis rufipennisOS 
48Scaly ChattererTurdoides aylmeriSS 
49Sharpe's StarlingPholia sharpiiSS 
50Kenrick's StarlingPoeoptera kenrickiUSEUM
51Black-bellied StarlingNotopholia coruscaUSEUM
52Red-tailed Ant-ThrushNeocossyphus rufusSS 
53Usambara ThrushTurdus roehliSS 
54African Bare-eyed ThrushTurdus tephronotusSSSPM
55White-chested AletheChamaetylas fuelleborniRS 
56Sharpe's AkalatSheppardia sharpeiOS 
57Usambara AkalatSheppardia montanaOS 
58Plain-backed SunbirdAnthreptes reichenowiSSEUM
59Uluguru Violet-backed SunbirdAnthreptes neglectusUSEUM
60Banded SunbirdAnthreptes rubritorquesUSEUM
61Amani SunbirdHedydipna pallidigasterOSEUM
62Usambara Double-collared SunbirdCinnyris usambaricusSSWUM
63Black-bellied SunbirdCinnyris nectarinioidesUSXFER
64Tsavo SunbirdCinnyris tsavoensisUSMKNP,SPM
65Usambara WeaverPloceus nicolliOSWUM
66<Fire-fronted Bishop>Euplectes diadematusSS 
67Green-backed TwinspotMandingoa nitidulaOS 
68Red-faced CrimsonwingCryptospiza reichenoviiOSEUM
69Red-headed BluebillSpermophaga ruficapillaSS 
70Spot-throatModulatrix stictigulaSS 
71Dapple-throatArcanator orostruthusRS 

 * Nomenclature and taxonomic affinities are based on Clements 6th Edition published 2007 with updates through September 2014 maintained by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, which relies largely on the AOU and SACC nomenclature committees. IUCN status may reflect splits not currently recognized by Clements.
** Species not accepted by Clements, AOU, or SACC that we recognize based on the IOC, field observations along with geographical separation, consensus opinions of field guide authors, and other sources. These species are potential splits in future Clements updates.



//Boreal Visitor
\\Austral Visitor
##Non-breeding Dispersal
()Breeding Season Only


ASAlways Seen
USUsually Seen
SSSometimes Seen
OSOccasionally Seen
RSRarely Seen