Area (ha):4,294
Altitude (m):0-180
# Species:361
# Excl Vagrants:361
# Endemics:2
# Near Endemics:23
Species/100 ha:8.4
Habitat: Lowland rainforest


The Kabili-Sepilok Rainforest Reserve protects a large tract of lowland rainforest on the east coast of Sabah. One of the four Orang Utan rehabilitation centers is located at Sepilok. Also located there is the Rainforest Discovery Center, best place to see the scarce and secretive Bornean Bristlehead, certainly the most prized target bird for this locale. The RDC features an excellent canopy walkway and an extensive network of trails. Birding is excellent in both the forest and along the forest edge. It's worth spending two full days there, especially as that increases the chances of seeing the Bristlehead.

The Lakeside Trail and Belian Trail circle the compound and provide access to the forest interior. The Kingfisher Trail, Ridge Trail, and Pitta path are likely places to find Black-headed Pitta and various jungle babblers. Other birds commonly seen at RDC include Bat Hawk, Wallace's Hawk-Eagle, Rufous-bellied Eagle, Red-naped Trogon, Orange-backed Woodpecker, Buff-necked Woodpecker, Black-and-yellow Broadbill, Crested Jay. Many other species are also present, including flowerpeckers, sunbirds, and spiderhunters.

Birding is also possible at the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary, mainly around the entrance and along the 10-minute platform walkway to the observation deck. The Sepilok Mangrove Forest Trail leads 5km one way over sandstone ridges into mangrove forest and then to the sea. It's possible to arrange a boat to take one back to the center.


Sepilok Forest Reserve and the Rainforest Discovery Center are located about 24km from the town of Sandankan on the east coast of Sabah, Borneo. Sandankan is about 5 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu.