Area (ha):75,400
Altitude (m):1200-4095
# Species:306
# Excl Vagrants:304
# Endemics:4
# Near Endemics:45
Species/100 ha:0.4
Habitat: Lowland Dipterocarp forest, sub-alpine forest, montane forest


The Danum Valley in southeast Borneo is a must for birders. Once a land of headhunters, its now an area of unspoiled primary rainforest. The budget place to visit is the Danum Valley Field Station, a research center where accommodations are very basic. The trail system through the forest was cut for researchers and hence is a grid that makes it easy to navigate but can involve some very steep climbs at times. The birds at the field station are largely the same as the luxurious and more famous Borneo Rainforest Lodge (see below). Birding guides are not available for higher, though rangers can give visitors some information. Officially, only visiting biologists and Malaysians are allowed to stay there. However, independent travelers do often stay by simply claiming they're biologists.

Borneo Rainforest Lodge is located in the Danum Valley along the Danum River and near the 43,800ha Danum Valley Conservation Area. Visits to the lodge are very expensive but well worth it for those who can afford it. The lodge area includes an extensive network of trails through the forest and a canopy walkway. The best way to visit is to arrange a package birding tour directly with Borneo Nature Tours. Package tours that include guide fees, night drives, as well as transfers to and from the airport are available for approximately $1375/person double occupancy (5D4N, 2014 prices).

Birds at the Danum Valley Field Station and Borneo Rainforest Lodge are largely the same, except Crestless Fireback is only found at the field station. A new as yet unclassifed species of flowerpecker, Spectacled Flowerpecker, was discovered at Borneo Rainforest Lodge in 2009.


The Danum Valley is located in south Sabah Borneo, about 2-2½ hours drive from the Lahad Datu airport.