Scarlet-chested Sunbird - © James F Wittenberger and Exotic Birding LLC Malayan Banded-Pitta - © James F Wittenberger and Exotic Birding LLC

To understand where to go birding, one must know where the birds are. This in turn has to do with altitudinal zones, ecozones, vegetational zones, and the diversity of habitats in the country. When one studies range maps of species distributions, one soon realizes that many of these correspond quite closely to these zones. Thus, planning a birding tour has to do with where accessible sites and suitable accommodations are located within these zones and how to arrange logistics to cover as many of these zones as feasible in a cost effective manner given the time allotted. In this light we use our expertise to suggest itineraries suitable for each country we tour. Some countries are so extensive and offer such outstanding birding that more than one tour is necessary to cover it all. This is reflected in our tour offerings.

Each of our birding tours is led by an expert birding guide who specializes in that country and typically lives there year-round. Logistics are arranged by us or a qualified professional agent in the destination country. We stay in comfortable accommodations, preferably eco-lodges, near the birding sites whenever possible. For each birding tour we provide extensive information on our tour pages, reached from the green-bar menu above, including detailed itinerary, description, tour map, photos, checklists, target bird lists, lists of range-restricted and endemic birds, and more. We trust this information is very helpful to those planning a tour to our destination countries.