Duration:27 days
#Heard Only:40

2017 NE Brazil Scouting Trip

List of target birds for locations visited on this tour along with which target species were acually seen. Target birds are those we can see only at one or two sites or are range-restricted, endemic, or near endemic in the country. The location column indicates where species was seen on the tour. If blank, the species wasn't seen. A separate target list can be viewed for each location by clicking its sidebar link.*

color codes

1White-bellied NothuraNothura boraquiraUS 
2White-browed GuanPenelope jacucacaSSQX
3Pearly-breasted CuckooCoccyzus euleriOS 
4Pygmy NightjarNyctipolus hirundinaceusUSQX
5Hook-billed HermitGlaucis dohrniiSSVR
6Broad-tipped HermitAnopetia gounelleiOS 
7Cinnamon-throated HermitPhaethornis nattereriOS 
8Hooded VisorbearerAugastes lumachellaSSCD
9Horned SungemHeliactin bilophusSS 
10Long-tailed WoodnymphThalurania watertoniiSSJR
11Mangrove RailRallus longirostrisOS 
12Little Wood-RailAramides mangleSSICP
13Giant SnipeGallinago undulataOS 
14White-collared KiteLeptodon forbesiUSTM
15Pernambuco Pygmy-OwlGlaucidium mooreorumSS 
16Eastern Striolated-PuffbirdNystalus striolatusOS 
17Gould's ToucanetSelenidera gouldiiSS 
18White-wedged PiculetPicumnus albosquamatusUSVR
19Ochraceous PiculetPicumnus limaeSS 
20Ochre-backed WoodpeckerCeleus ochraceusUSSDB
21Red-browed ParrotAmazona rhodocorythaUSVR
22Ochre-marked ParakeetPyrrhura cruentataUSSB,VR
23Gray-breasted ParakeetPyrrhura griseipectusUSSDB
24Maroon-faced ParakeetPyrrhura leucotisUSSB
25Lear's Macaw
(Indigo Macaw)
Anodorhynchus leariASCBS
26Jandaya ParakeetAratinga jandayaUSJR,TM
27Blue-crowned ParakeetThectocercus acuticaudatusASCBS
28Plumbeous AntvireoDysithamnus plumbeusUSSB
29Band-tailed AntwrenMyrmotherula urostictaUSAB,VR
30Alagoas AntwrenMyrmotherula snowiOS 
31Caatinga AntwrenHerpsilochmus sellowiUSCD,CDA
32Bahia AntwrenHerpsilochmus pileatusUSAB,VR
33Pectoral AntwrenHerpsilochmus pectoralisUSXFRS
34Narrow-billed AntwrenFormicivora iheringiSSCD
35Sincora AntwrenFormicivora grantsauiUSCD
36Orange-bellied AntwrenTerenura sickiUSJR
37Rio de Janeiro AntbirdCercomacra brasilianaUSBN
38Fringe-backed Fire-eyePyriglena atraUSCF
39Slender AntbirdRhopornis ardesiacusUSBN
40Scalloped AntbirdMyrmodenus ruficaudaUSMBS
41Collared CrescentchestMelanopareia torquataUSCD
42Ceara GnateaterConopophaga cearaeSSSDB
43White-browed AntpittaHylopezus ochroleucusSSCDA
44Bahia TapaculoEleoscytalopus psychopompusSS 
45Boa Nova TapaculoScytalopus gonzagaiOS 
46Diamantina TapaculoScytalopus diamantinensisSSCD
47Rufous-breasted LeaftosserSclerurus scansorRS 
48Ceara Leaftosser**Sclerurus cearensisSSANF,SDB
49Ceara WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus atlanticusOSSDB
50Great XenopsMegaxenops parnaguaeUSANF,CDA
51Alagoas Foliage-gleanerPhilydor novaesiRS 
52Pernambuco Foliage-gleanerAutomolus lammiOS 
53Pink-legged GraveteiroAcrobatornis fonsecaiUSSB
54Striated SofttailThripophaga macrouraUSBN
55Bahia SpinetailSynallaxis cinereaUSBN
56Pinto's SpinetailSynallaxis infuscataUS 
57Red-shouldered SpinetailSynallaxis hellmayriUSANF,CBS,CDA
58Araripe ManakinAntilophia bokermanniUSCDA
59White-winged CotingaXipholena atropurpureaUSAB,TM,VR
60Bahia TyrannuletPhylloscartes beckeriUSSB
61Alagoas TyrannuletPhylloscartes ceciliaeUSJR
62Buff-breasted Tody-TyrantHemitriccus mirandaeUSSDB
63Smoky-fronted Tody-FlycatcherPoecilotriccus fumifronsOS 
64Gray-backed TachuriPolystictus superciliarisUSCD
65Rufous-sided Pygmy-TyrantEuscarthmus rufomarginatusSSCD
66Greater Wagtail-TyrantStigmatura budytoidesOSXFRS
67Ash-throated CasiornisCasiornis fuscusSSANF
68Yellow-faced SiskinSpinus yarrelliiOS 
69Sao Francisco SparrowArremon franciscanusSSCD
70Forbes's BlackbirdAnumara forbesiUSTM
71Seven-colored TanagerTangara fastuosaUSMBS
72Pale-throated Pampa-FinchEmbernagra longicaudaUSCD
73Copper SeedeaterSporophila bouvreuilSS 

 * Nomenclature and taxonomic affinities are based on Clements 6th Edition published 2007 with updates through September 2014 maintained by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, which relies largely on the AOU and SACC nomenclature committees. IUCN status may reflect splits not currently recognized by Clements.
** Species not accepted by Clements, AOU, or SACC that we recognize based on the IOC, field observations along with geographical separation, consensus opinions of field guide authors, and other sources. These species are potential splits in future Clements updates.


  • Agua Boa (AB)
  • Araripe National Forest (ANF)
  • Boa Nova (BN)
  • Canudos Biological Station (CBS)
  • Chapada Diamantina (CD)
  • Chapada do Araripe & Crato (CDA)
  • Crasto Forest (CF)
  • Icapui & Banco dos Cajuais (ICP)
  • Jaqueira Reserve (JR)
  • Murici Biological Stations (MBS)
  • Quilombo (QM)
  • Quixada (QX)
  • Serra Bonita (SB)
  • Serra de Baturite (SDB)
  • Tamandare (TM)
  • Transfers (XFRS)
  • Veracel Reserve (VR)


//Boreal Visitor
\\Austral Visitor
##Non-breeding Dispersal
()Breeding Season Only


ASAlways Seen
USUsually Seen
SSSometimes Seen
OSOccasionally Seen
RSRarely Seen