Area (SqKm):7,000
# Species:463
# Excl Vagrants:463
# Endemics:1
# Near Endemics:0
Species/100 SqKm:6.6
Habitat: Mopane woodland, flooded grassland


Kafue Flats is a vast wetland of some 7000 SqKm, of which 3-5000 SqKm is usually flooded. The best way to bird the area is by visiting Lochinvar National Park or by going to Blue Lagoon National Park to the west. Blue Lagoon is a new national park, is undeveloped, and has no accommodations other than a tent camp. It's one of the most undisturbed places left in the country. The birding is simply superb, with over 400 species recorded. The northern section of the park is covered by Mopane woodland, with the southern part covered by flooded grassland. During dry season the park is a vast flat plain attracting large numbers of wildlife including Burchell's Zebra, Oribi, Lesser Kudu, Greater Kudu, and Southern Reedbuck. Large concentrations of water birds are present in the wetlands. During dry season grassland birds such as Chestnut-backed Sparrow-Lark, Red-capped Lark, Capped Wheatear, Richard's Pipit, and African Quailfinch are present. Birds of special interest include Zambia's only endemic, Chaplin's Barbet as well as Magpie Mannikin and Green Indigobird. In the swamps one can find Greater Swamp Warbler and Swamp Flycatcher as well as Sitatunga.


Kafue Flats lies between Lochinvar National Park and Kafue National Park. It can be reached by driving 3 hours from Lusaka on the Lusaka-Livingstone Road or by driving 27 km on the new Mumbwa-Mongu Road, then turn left at the sign to Nampundwe Konkola Coppermine. The entrance is reached after several more kilometers and is marked.