# Species:497
# Excl Vagrants:497
# Endemics:0
# Near Endemics:0
Habitat: Open forest, lowland forest


Surama lies in a natural savanna valley with scattering scrub vegetation. The surronding hillsides are carpeted with rainforest. It is an Amerindian village and offers very basic accommodations for visitors wishing to stay there. Surama is in the center of some very excellent birding locales. The savanna surrounding the village is a very good place to find Finsch's Euphonia and Cayenne Jay. Both Common Potoo and Great Potoo roost in known spots near the village. An active Harpy Eagle nest can be reached by a trail originating near the village or on the opposite side via an obscure trail originating on the main road. Certainly a major attraction is the jeep track leading to the Burro Burro River. The forested part of the track offers simply stunning birding. In addition to antbirds and antwrens, a couple notable birds that can be found there are Capuchinbird and Golden-headed Manakin. At the end of the track is the Burro Burro River. This is the best place to find the near endemic Guianan Streaked Antwren, which can sometimes be seen from the shelter at the end of the road and is more often found lurking in the underbrush along the river. A boat trip a short distance down the river is a good way to find this species and can be arranged in Surama.


Surama is an Amerindian village located in a natural savanna area reached by side road from the main road just south of Iwokrama Forest Reserve. It takes about 45 minutes to drive from Rock View and about the same to drive to the Atta Rainforest Camp and Iwokrama Canopy Walkway not counting stops along the way for birding and the like.