# Species:390
# Excl Vagrants:390
# Endemics:0
# Near Endemics:0
Habitat: Savanna, scrub, riverine forest


Karanambu Ranch is a large working cattle ranch located along the Rupununi River in central Guyana. The ranch was founded by a British ex-patriot, Tiny McTurk, in the 1920's. His daughter Diane McTurk currently manages the ranch and operates a tourist facility on the property. Diane is world-renowned for her work in rescuing orphaned baby Giant Otters. We can speak from personal experience that her hospitality is simply superb.

The open savanna is home to many of the same species as Dadanawa Ranch and the Rupununi Savanna around Annai. Major attractions for birders visiting the ranch include a variety of target savanna birds, especially Pale-tipped Inezia and Bearded Tachuri. Other likely possibilities include Double-striped Thick-knee, Pale-legged Hornero, Yellowish Pipit, Bicolored Wren, Ruddy-breasted Seedeater, and Grassland Yellow Finch.

Numerous waterbirds can be found in low-lying wet areas, including Sharp-tailed Ibis and Jabiru. The former is migratory and seen primarily during spring and fall. An added attraction is Agami Heron, which can be regularly found lurking in the thickets near the Rupununi River shoreline.

Several nightjars can be seen around the airstrip and elsewhere including Nacunda Nighthawk, Band-tailed Nighthawk, and White-tailed Nightjar. Another major attraction is Giant Anteater, which vaquero trackers can find for visiting guests to view. Many guests take a night boat trip up the Rupununi River to look for wild Giant Otters, Caimans, and Tree Boas and to view the opening of Giant Water-lilies as the sun sets.


Karanambu is located about halfway between the Amerindian village of Annai and the border town of Lethem. It is reached via a side road off the main dirt road between these towns, by public airstrip, or by private airstrip adjacent to the lodge. Visitors typically fly into Karanambu one direction and then take the boat either up or down the Rupununi River from Ginep Landing, which lies south of Annai and is nothing more than a boat landing site. Transport can be arranged from Rock View to Ginep Landing at Rock View Lodge.