Tour Overview


Duration:20 days, 19 nights
Group Size:2-8
Anytime Price:$5590
Group Price:$4950
Single Suppl:$450
Est #Species:500-540
* This tour is available for any dates of your choosing provided guide services and accommodations are available.

Prince Ruspoli's Turaco - © James F Wittenberger and Exotic Birding LLCEthiopia is a land of contrasts, featuring scenic mountain escarpments, highland plateaus and forests, arid scrub and lakes of the Rift Valley, and rich forests in the south. Though it receives less notice than Kenya or Tanzania, Ethiopia is certainly a core birding destination not to be missed by anyone with an interest in African birds and wildlife. Our 20-day tour covers all the major birding sites and should result in a trip list of over 500 species, including nearly all endemic and near-endemic birds, along with viewings of a variety of specialty mammals including Ethiopian Wolf, Mountain Nyala, and Gelada and Hamadryas Baboons. The best months to visit are October-December but most months other than September are very good for birding.



Ethiopian Wolf - © James F Wittenberger and Exotic Birding LLCThe tour begins in Addis Ababa. The first birding sites are the scenic highlands and valleys north of Addis Ababa near the city of Debre Birhan where numerous endemics can be found. It then continues east into the Rift Valley where several arid sites including Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve and Awash National Park. After completing this loop, the tour proceeds west with stops at several Rift Valley Lakes that present a variety of birding opportunities. The next stop is spectacular Bale Mountains National Park, featuring a nice variety of endemic birds along with the endangered endemic Ethiopian Wolf, best seen along Africa's highest all-weather road that crosses the Sanetti Plateau. From there it proceeds south and east into some arid country in the far south around the town of Negele followed by several important birding sites near the town of Yabelo. From there the route backtracks back north to Lake Awassa followed by a visits to Senkele Wildlife Sanctuary and Gibe Sheleko National Park before returning to Addis Ababa for overnight flights home.

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  • Abidjiata Shalla National Park
  • Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve
  • Ankober-Debre Sina Escarpment & Gemessa Gedel
  • Awash National Park
  • Bale Mountain National Park
  • Debre Libanos & Ethno-German Lodge
  • Gibe Valley National Park
  • Harenna Forest
  • Jemma Valley
  • Kesem River
  • Lake Awassa & Awassa Town
  • Lake Ligano
  • Lakes Hora, Chelekleka, and Bishoftu
  • Liben Plain and Negele
  • Mega-Soda Area
  • Melka Jebdu
  • Sululta Plains
  • Wondo Genet
  • Yabello Area
  • Ziway and Koka Lakes